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Just done writing my latest blog creation about my home province, Bohol and I was ready to submit it for review but I was surprised by Bitlanders. I can’t believe what I was seeing in front of me after clicking on the submit for review button. It is just too huge for me to risk giving away my 100 gems. I am a bit confused if I should proceed with it or not, in the corner of my mind, I was hoping that there’s just some glitches which caused this amount to show up because during the previous days, I can only submit a blog for 10 gems.

I went over to the FAQs about it, here’s what I found out:


I am not sure if I will go on with it or I should email the support and verify if this is indeed the right amount. I am really confused, I want to submit it but I feel that something wrong is going on with this blog review option and I guess I will just stay away from it for now.

Help me decide dears.

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