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“Bol” is an Urdu word, although it is made up of three letters and it is a small word but its meaning is much deeper. Bol means to raise the voice.. Voice against those old traditions under the weight of those wish lists is crumbled, Voice against those customs who do not flourish, new thinking, new dreams, and voice against suffocated social attitudes who do not consider the human as a person. In the film of the director Shoaib Mansoor, such issues have been raised.  in many areas of  Pakistan it is not easy to such as women's rights, the conditions of shemales, corruption and the men's society.

Film "Bol" is the effort of Pakistani talented and famous director Shoaib Mansoor who is the also director of another outstanding movie “Khuda kay liye”. Khuda kay liye was also released around the world and was awarded with numerous awards. The producers of movie "Bol" are Vikram rajany and Shahid Jamal while Shoaib Mansoor has written the story. The film revolves around a girl “Zainab” living in Lahore who raises voice against the outdated customs of stereotype society. She belonged to a family where women are considered a burden and useless item. The plight of women in this film is shown in such a way that it looks like the scenario of every house.  Unfortunately, in our society there are some families which still they could not give right place to woman which she deserves.

Film artists  are Humaima Malik, Atif Aslam, Iman Ali, Maira Khan, Manzar Sehbai and Shafqat Cheema. Humaima Malik said: “Zainab raises her voice in the film for her family but I want to see all Pakistani women like that. Our culture does not allow women to do many things but also culture is made by us”. The story of film makes the people think, so to say it's just a movie but like a mirror of Pakistani society it draws attention to several important questions.


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