Bonus Bitcoin - A faucet that pays you 5% daily interest of your balance!!!

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Hi, i came to present to you this quite new type of faucet Bitcoin BonusBitcoin Bonus, at a first glympse, is nothing but another faucet, we can claim every 15 minutes and win up to 5000 satochis each time.

The thing here is that, at the end of each day we get paid 5% interest of the balance we have, so, the important here is to start creating a good balance and only after withdraw.

To register you just have to put your mail and then you can withdraw when you have at least 10000 satochis for the wallet you want.

The strategy is quite simple:

- First days you just grow you balance, no withdraw, you just keep going until you have 50k satochis in your balance. There you withdraw ONLY 10k. 50k will give you already 2500 satochis daily interest so it starts to be easier to grow.

- Then you keep up until you have 100k in balance. Again, when you arrive here, you withdraw another 10k. 100k will give you at this moment 5000 satochis daily interest.

- Do the same until you have 150k and again, withdraw 10k and leave the rest.

- Here starts the real interest, when you get 200k balance you start to withdraw 10k daily because it's exactly the amount they give of interest for the 200k you have. The claims stay to keep growing up.

- Now its up to you, you can only withdraw 10k daily until you reach 400k balance and then you go up to 20k withdraws daily, or you can stay always withdrawing the same 10k so you grow faster.

- At last but not least, some refs will help you a lot if active because you earn 50% of each claim from them.

It takes some days but the thing is that you don't invest and within a month you're already taking a good amount daily from them and keep growing always.

At this moment i'm withdrawing 50k daily, on a few days i will change to 100k daily, but always in mind that i have to grow from one day to the other.

Enjoy some easy satochis and be active, and who knows how many will we be withdrawing daily within a year. ;)

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