Book Shark Tank Comes To New York This May

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This year startups in New York have an opportunity to compete for an investment from venture capitalists and angel investors at the Book Expo America. This is the first ever Book Shark Tank. Those interested have plenty of time to prepare their submissions as the event is held on May 29th. You'll want to sign up by April 31st though to be on the safe side.

Book Expo America is a fantastic event held every year in New York. This year the event spans four days of authors, publishers, librarians, celebrities - you name it - all meeting for their love of reading and writing.

You can find out more on Book Expo America on their website at and more about Book Shark Tank at their website at I have some friends and co-workers that will be in attendance so if you happen to be interested you'll see me among the fray.

I haven't had the most experience in the publishing industry, but I did want to take the time to tell all of you because I'm a big believer in opportunity. Also, sharing is caring. That's how sharing works. If you have an idea and a ticket or you're already crunching away on your own project I implore you to register for the Book Expo to meet these people (granted you're in the publishing space).

Book Shark Tank is being sponsored by who are all set to launch this year with their app allowing book clubs to engage online and through iPads. They're also going to have an exclusive online bookstore. 

Check them out and spread the word for any investor, shark, or startup with a dream!



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