Boredom and Cameras

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Over a year ago an acquaintance of mine gave me his old digital camera - a Fuji-Film S3400. I tried using cheap batteries at first but they drained really fast. So eventually I picked up a battery charger and some batteries and presto!

I had been talking about wanting to try some photography as a past-time; definitely just as a hobby. So once I had the camera in hand, everything ready, I strutted out on to the streets of Toronto and then started taking photos.

At first I thought what am I going to take pictures of - I didn't feel like there was much to photograph but then I started clicking and then clicking. I became transfixed with signs, telephone booths, church windows and anything that caught my eye.

Now for all the photos I've taken - I still have a problem with shutter speed etc. If you do photography I'm sure you'll no what I'm talking about it. Even if I read about it - it just doesn't sink in. Ah well! But the one great thing I learned about taking photos is how much I enjoyed it.

Many times, when not having any money and feeling bored I would just mope at home, but once I had that camera in my hand I found it was an awesome excuse to get out, even around my neighbourhood to take photos of, trees, garden flowers, mostly objects and I found it relaxing!

So if you own a camera, or if you could try to borrow one - roam around and take photos of anything that you like and see how much you enjoy it! And it's free to do!


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