Buying stuff we don’t need

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As we are human and we have so many wishes that we have each and everything in the world. Sometime we buy unwanted stuff we don’t want to buy and that creates the problem for us and for other people. Whether it’s a expensive clothes, extra furniture or an upgrade of a new mobile which we buys last year to just show off .This is very bad habit and it’s having psychological reasons. So let’s talk about it.

Most frequently factor on buyer behavior is marketing. Different kind of advertising let make us more in favor to purchase the product. You know the best advertising doesn’t simple give strong arguments in purchasing favor, but it also effect on our emotions as well. The advertising companies mostly make ads that go viral and these are that trigger our emotions. They make their product designs more appealing, and set the price hard to resist.


When we see something new, expensive or unique stuff of other people then we might wanna get it. We see the people around us and get it unconsciously. An example of how people copy is, this is as simple as buying ice-cream in park or somewhere after seeing others first.


When we have so much stuff around us we just keep busy in it. For example if we are rich then we expect expensive gifts from others


We would not much time for our friends and family members even not for ourselves too. Not have enough time to keep an eye on ourselves.


When we keep busy in useless stuff and give it much time rather than our aim of life then changes and damages happens.

In short before ending I wanna quote a useful narrative “a poor man was telling the jewelers his story when I was travelling in a jungle and lost my way. I had no food remains and just feels he gonna die, suddenly I found a little shopping bad fulfilled with some stuff. i think this is food but when I opened it that was jewelry. I felt soooo bad that why this gold instead of food, because I want food at that time not gold”.

Soooo the moral is simple the important thing is only that which we need, others are useless until we don’t need at a right time.

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