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I'm here with my another C blog submission which is about Mobile brands in Pakistan.


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Dear friends my previous submission was about Bollywood actors and you can visit it by clicking on the link below;



Dear friends, now let's move further, first of all, we should know about C blogging because my blog is featuring C blog article and contains Querlo chat survey.


What is C blogging on Bitlanders?


C blogging is an innovative technology introduced by Bitlanders and Querlo. C blog contains an article and a chat survey which is created by the user itself. C blog basically means chat blog because of chat survey. C blogging is the latest and best way to tell people about your product and services.

You may know more about C blogging here;


The future of blogging - The bitLanders C-blogging


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Dear friends, the above information is picked from sir Mickey's blog. He is a great advisor behind bitlanders and often tells us new promotions and offers.

Dear friends, C blogging is very helpful for those people who want to tell their customers about products and services.


You can find more information about C blogging from Sir Mickey's blogs;


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Now I will go further and will tell you about my article which is submitted today for your knowledge.


Top mobile brands in Pakistan:


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Dear friends due to 3G and 4G technology, mobile companies have presented many new smartphones and now every company is trying to present the latest smartphones.


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I have mentioned some top leading mobile companies in my chat which are leading the mobile technology. These companies have presented many smartphones with the latest features. Every company is trying to present a new phone on the market. I have mentioned some of the top leading companies which are very famous among the people and these companies are trending a high business of mobile phones.

  • Samsung

  • Apple

  • Q mobile

  • Huawei


These companies are presenting new models in the market every day. There are many new models in the market available and new models are coming.


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Samsung mobiles are expensive than any other brands. But Samsung has superior models with amazing features. Samsung is presenting very good phones every day. Samsung has presented the first Fold mobile phone in the market recently.


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Q mobile is a Pakistani mobile phone company which is located in Karachi. Q mobile company is presenting very cheap mobiles in the market. Q mobile company has introduced a very low rate of mobile phones both smartphones and text phones. Q mobile is presenting a new model every day and people are buying these phones due to low rates.


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Apple mobiles are very expensive and these phones are buying businessmen due to its very high quality. Apple phones are much expensive in the market than any other brand. Our people usually don't buy apple phones because these are not easily connected with the computer due to security reasons. Apple mobiles come with IOS operating system instead of Android operating system. You can't easily share files between other mobile phones. Resale value of apple phones is also low in our market.

Video Credits: Baboo Lahori via YouTube.com


Huawei mobiles are very good and famous in the market. Huawei company is presenting new phones in the market rapidly to face the competition with Samsung and other brands. Huawei is presenting excellent phones with amazing features. Huawei Y series is very famous these days in the market.

Dear friends, there are also many other companies which are introducing smartphones in the market now but the above-mentioned companies are much popular and it is difficult to divert their customers easily.


Here is the screenshot of my "Querlo Chat Survey".


Querlo Chat Survey via Querlo.com


Now I would like to present the Querlo Chat Survey which I have created to describe the basic about top leading brands.

Querlo Chat Survey prepared by Querlo.com by Asad Munib


The above mentioned Querlo chat survey is created to extend your knowledge about Mobile brands which are popular in Pakistan. I'm sure that you will find my article helpful and interesting. Finally, I will post here some links of my other blogs which are published on Bitlanders.











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