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Working as a part-time for my company as well as working from home gave me the balance of life, I can still earn a living while being able to do whatever I wanted. I work only for three hours a day, so I have an ample amount of time to really watch online videos, entertain myself, enhance my writing skills, read a lot and even write more on my journal.

However, lately, I have been very busy because of my brother's arrival from the United Arab Emirates. Together with our family trip to Mindanao, I had been unable to do those personal activities plus I have somehow lost track of my daily routine, I kept on being lazy with writing and perhaps, my body was just readjusting back to the old routine. I am slowly coping up on that especially that I won't be able to travel this weekend due to the typhoon, all ships are not allowed to move out of the ports. It is a good move though although Cebu is a little far from the affected area. It is still good that they have preferred prevention.

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So as for today's blog, I have thought about sharing my experience with hunting out a cafe in Tagbilaran City Bohol during one of my solo trips back home. I will soon create a separate blog listing some of the cafes that are good for those who are online workers like myself who need a place with a great internet connection while within Tagbilaran City. For now, let me share my own tiresome but a little funny experience with looking for the best cafe spot for online work.

Limited Time at Bo's Coffee

I didn't book a ticket on my way to Bohol. I knew within me that I might not be able to reach the port before seven in the morning, it was Friday and I thought there won't be many travelers at this hour. Due to traffic, I indeed missed the seven AM trip schedule, instead booked the next trip which was set to leave an hour after.


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It was funny that I only missed the boat for five minutes. Anyway, it was all fine as I was able to slow down my pace, relaxed and very comfortable as I sat at the boarding area.

The entire trip was cool, I read a book by Vaneetha Rendall Risner entitled "The Scars That Have Shaped Me", a PDF file on my phone. I slept after crying a bit and without knowing, I was already in Tagbilaran City.

My mom and brother who were supposed to fetch me at the port had gone to their errands within the city and won't be able to fetch me anymore. And so I gladly went out and sought an internet cafe. Bo's Coffee was my number one option because of course, I had been there, I had tried their connection which was all fast and steady.


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However, as I ordered my blended coffee and sat at my favorite spot but after an hour with an empty plastic cup (they didn't serve it in a cup), I was asked by some staff if I would like to extend my stay. I was like "what? You got some limit time?" and he nodded saying for the electricity use you can top up a few pesos!

It was a signal for me to leave. I know I didn't do any work yet and it was my first time to be told as such while in the past, I was there for more than three hours without paying additional cash. Anyway, I decided to leave.

Zero Internet Connection at Tablea de Maria Clara


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As I opened the Bo's Coffee's glass door, I also used their internet connection to find out some other interesting cafes around Tagbilaran City. Tablea de Maria Clara sounded interesting thus I checked its social media pages as well as blog reviews about it.

Being content with the reviews, I turned my Google Maps direction assistant and called out a tricycle to get me there. It took around ten minutes from my location to arrive in Tablea de Maria Clara. It was just in front of the University of Bohol but located on the upper floor of the building. Slowly but surely, I stepped on each platform reaching the glass doors.


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Airconditioning was off, I was a little sweaty as it was fifteen minutes after eleven. I was already hungry too but the ambiance looked really good. There were zero customers and I loved it. I thought I can have the entire place all to myself.

I went over the front desk, looked at their menu, ordered their best sellers and a full teapot to help me digest whatever I will be munching in a few minutes. I returned to my preferred seat, already anticipating to take photos of the area, they use wooden crates for their interiors though.


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As I was done with paying my bill, I asked the staff for the WIFI password and things turned different afterward. She told me their router is damaged and is still being fixed so they don't have any internet connection at that moment. There I realized why they didn't have any customers around. I politely withdraw my order because I won't be able to work there and the staff was very courteous enough to return my money as well as allow me to take a couple of photos of the cafe.

I admit I was a little disappointed that they don't have any internet connection. I wish the next time that I visit them, they'll have perfect internet access by then.

Slow WIFI at Sweet Home Cafe


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I checked my calendar, it wasn't Friday the 13th, I was just making sure these two instances aren't just because of the unlucky day. I had a data connection on my phone though so I was able to check my Google Maps again for any nearby cafe.

I found two, Fred's Book Cafe and Sweet Home Cafe. I preferred the latter because it sounded homier. I didn't bother checking out any reviews anymore. It was just seven minutes away but it was scorching hot, it was almost 12 noon and I had to walk, brave the hot sun, inside I told myself seven minutes is just a very near distance, I don't need to arrange a tricycle to bring me there.


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Sweat was all over my back, it was already blotting on my shirt. The airconditioning inside Sweet Home Cafe was such a relief. I put my backpack which was already becoming heavy, it only had my laptop inside and the charger.

I, of course, asked the front staff if they got internet access prior to ordering anything. She gladly gave me their WIFI code and I then ordered their Crunchy Chicken Sesame, a huge slice of their New York Chocolate Cake and a pot of tea to compliment the cake. The sweet slice was for my brother and mother though who were not able to finish the entire slice.


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As I was waiting for my meal, I realized that the WIFI connection wasn't that stable. I was really disappointed again, I was about to return back to the staff at the cashier area when I found a free WIFI network and was able to get connected!

Free and Fast Internet with Mang Inasal


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It was surprising that I found the fast, reliable and very stable connection with Mang Inasal which was just next to Sweet Home Cafe. It was unexpected but it was all good for me to continue with my work.

Three hours after, the network was still fine, I finished my work, satisfied with it and I had to internally thank Mang Inasal for their fast free WIFI.


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It's funny that I was able to settle down with this fast food chain instead rather than the more expensive cafes. Next time I go to Tagbilaran City and work online, I will go back to Mang Inasal instead, just kidding. Surely, I will check out the rest of the cafes around to find the best spot for online freelancers who might be visiting the city.

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