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Here in Bitlanders, we are rewarded 3 Buzz for submitting one blog for review in a day. Every time you submit a blog for review, Ms. Hillary's avatar will suggest: "Remember to come tomorrow for more!”. The question is, "Can you create one blog post per day without sacrificing the quality?"

The Blogging Challenge

For me, creating one blog for Bitlanders per day is a big blogging challenge. That is without sacrificing the quality of my blog post. To create one blog post per day faces several challenges:

  • New topic every day.

Coming up with a new topic for a blog is perhaps the biggest challenge. When I started in Bitlanders, I could not think of any topic to write about. For sure I don't want to submit what I have already written on my personal blogs and other platforms.

Coming up with a new topic every day is a challenge

Image credits- Edited by @artbytes

  • Quality  Content

Sometimes this is the hardest part. Original content. You may of course use and refer to 'facts' that were already published. But you must insert your thoughts about those facts as well.

This post is a good example. The facts that I am using here are from the article " bitLanders Content Review: How are blogs rated? " However, I used my own title and simply referred to some of the contents of that article here.

Simple Language Yet Effective.

English is a second language in the Philippines. I can speak and write well in English, but not perfectly. I often make spelling mistakes, I am conscious of the grammar and very poor in punctuations, especially when it comes to using commas (,).

The trick is, I learned how to simplify my sentences. The shorter and simpler the sentences, the fewer mistakes you will make.`Also Thanks to Grammarly app, my spelling and grammar are checked as I type.


Simple language yet effective.

Screenshot by @artbytes



According to the article ' bitLanders Content Review: How are blogs rated? ', the length of the blog should be:

  • Make sure your article isn't too short (at least 5-7 paragraphs), doesn't only contain pictures or videos.
  • A blog with less than 250 words will not be accepted.

However, when my first post,  ' Greetings Bitlanders! I Come In Peace ' was rated, Ms. Hillary said it was too short even though that post had over 400 words.

I was told by @adgoggle (I think) that blog posts should be at least 1,000 words. Ever since then, I had been writing with more than one thousand words.

Writing at least 1,000 words is good enough for Ms. Hillary.

Screenshot by @artbytes


  • Inserting Quality Images and Videos.

Finding quality images related to your blog post is quite time-consuming. Especially that I don't have a hundred percent reliable Internet connection. 

Embedding quality related videos. Just as inserting images takes time, searching for related videos takes time as well.


Ms. Hillary's comment on my images and videos.

Screenshot by @artbytes

  • Tags.

This is quite a tricky one. In bitLanders, you are allowed to use up to ten tags. Tags are keywords that are related to your blog post.

"A tag is more specific and addresses items you discuss in a particular blog post. A tag is usually only a word or two and reflects the keywords or points of your article. "

Usually, Ms. Hillary would say "The tags you used were OK, even though you could have done better.", but in two of my posts, I got…


Ms. Hillary's remarks on my post with perfect tags.

Screenshot by @artbytes

  • Formatting

Formatting includes the appropriate use of headers and paragraphs. Also to break the "monotony" of your blog, bullets, and block-quotes.

  • Proofreading and editing.

Though I thank Grammarly for checking my grammar and punctuations for me. However, the app won't work without Internet connection. The app is a great help in catching my mistakes, but I observed it cannot catch all mistakes and I have to review everything before I click the Submit button


Grammarly with the suggested corrections.

Screenshot by @artbytes


These are perhaps the common challenges in making a blog post every day without sacrificing the quality.

My First 5 Star Rating

Suffice to say that I can overcome these challenges. Setting modesty aside, I had been receiving consistently 4 Star rating on my blogs and got one 5 stars.


Blog review with 5 stars

by @artbytes via Bitlander

However, aside from these, I have other personal concerns that making one blog per day a challenge.

Other Blogging Challenges

Working on an Android Tablet.

Yes, I am working on a 10.1-inch tablet. It's not top of the line, but it's good enough for me to use (see: Blogging With less than $200 equipment). It's handy and convenient for sure but I encountered several drawbacks in using an Android device.


My tablet with Bluetooth keyboard

photo by @artbytes


  •  bitLanders have no auto-save. On several occasions, I lost what I typed when I accidentally refresh the page. On using a tablet, if you are on top of the browser screen and you tap and drag down, it will be taken as a refresh command. Also when my Bluetooth keyboard runs out of battery, the browser will automatically refresh as it switches to the onscreen keyboard.
  • Time. I don't have a regular job anymore. But I still have to balance my time with my family, my part-time work, and my other passions (Aikido and drawing)

  • Slow Internet connect. I really need to upgrade my Internet connection. However, it is quite expensive here in the Philippines. How slow is my Internet connection? Here is a speed test result at 5:50 AM



Creating blog per day is a great challenge for most of us. Again, quality is always better than quantity (but not all the time)

How to Overcome These Challenges

Here are some of my personal tips to help overcome these challenges

  • Have a notepad ready all the time. Sometimes, ideas pop up in unexpected moments. Have a notepad ready and write down the idea. Use a paper notepad or a gadget on your phone.
  • Get the right tools. I mentioned Grammarly to help me catch my spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, I use Jotterpad to compose my draft offline.
  • Use a good digital/mobile camera and learn to use simple editing app like Pixlr to improve your photos. Or
  • Use photos from Pixabay, but always give credit to the specific uploader with a link.
  • Don't get distracted.I easily get distracted sometimes. That's why I set my facebook messenger to shut down when my phone goes into sleep mode. That way I don't get distracted. But that's just one distraction.
  • Don't make it too long. One or two thousand words will do. I thought I made a mistake when I created a three thousand word blog before. I could have split it into two posts.

    Though, they say longer posts will score better on SEO. I get bored when reading a blog post that is too long. I'd rather read two short chapters than one long chapter.
  • Keep on Writing. Keep on writing every day. It took me several posts before I got my first 4-stars. I was always keen on quality. This time I am challenging my self to write more frequently. Not necessarily every day, but I'd be happy if I could upload three to four blogs every week.

Motivate Yourself to Write Every day

I believe that if there is one thing you need in order to write every day is to motivate yourself to do so. 

How to motivate yourself to write every day.

Video Credit: Diane Callahan Via YouTube


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