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Another crime and violence against women!

It is the Setara’s turn! The star(Setara), who may never shines again like before. The woman,who spent her springtime giving birth of kids and growing them up like most of other Afghan women. And lending her wishes and dreams to the man, who cut off her noise and lips today.

Imagine this barbaric behavior or seeing the photos of Setara makes every human to feel lugubrious and excruciate his/her soal.

How a human could do such ruthlessly behavior with a living being!?!!?! How he could not even thinking about his children who were witness and watching her mother that is suffering!?!??!?! God! Where in this world do we are living?!?!? Are these people the humans you have created and spread your soul in them!?I wish you could never let your creatures to become such cruel and rogue. And I wish you have never written the destiny for some of your people to be victim in their life.

I wish instead of promising and afraid people of here from punishment in the next world you put the fear of losing humanity, conscience and honor in their heart.

I think the men who are doing the same violence against their women will make the sense of sin away of themselves by reading Quran or bounty alms (in case a very small light of conscience remains in their soul). And how poor they are that think themselves innocence in their thoughts! They have thought guaranteed themselves for the entrance of your heaven in the next world! But that Setara (Star), who had fear of your hell won’t afraid anymore, because she has seen the hell in this world by her eyes and feel it! How can she be optimistic to take her rights in the next world while you are here also and you were witness at the time her noise and lips have been cut by that man!?

I am very sorrowful and want to write lots of things, but GOD you know what I want to say…It is so heart-rending event. Please take care of the innocent Stars like Setara, who are losing their lights in this land every second. In this world, where you help people to create and experience their heaven never let anyone to experience the hell…

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I am a computer engineer and have several years experience of working and teaching in this area in Herat-Afghanistan.
I am also interested in social activities and fine art and sometimes work in this fields too.
I published several text and painting books for children of my country.

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