Cannibals are roaming free in Pakistan myth or reality

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 Cannibalism, man eating is the same name for the act of eating human flesh and in many areas of world these types of activities are reported especially in the Africa and Amazon where some tribes’ lives in forest and cannibalism is not a taboo in those tribes. We have seen man eating scenes in many movies like pirates of Caribbean part 2 or in movies which moves around the vampires or zombies but cannibalism in real??? It really Yukssss.  

Three days ago one of my cousin came to our house and she told us shocking news about the cannibalism happening in Pakistan first I don’t believe her because this news was not telecast on any news channels.  But today when I went to university one of my friend also talked about this matter. According to her one of her sister which is studying in Islamabad told her that about 10 to 12 man eaters got arrested in capital Islamabad and from them police got five bodies of children ranging from five to nine. That was really shocking. That was totally unbelievable how a man can eat his own species flesh?? Especially when it is taboo in society and it is marked as a heinous act in all religion.

There are two possibilities about this news; this news can be a rumor as this is not telecast on any news channel and no authentic source has confirm such type of news and it may be true because in history we have seen many cases in which man eats its own brothers flesh like the case of California in which a cannibal eats three girls. And two years ago police arrested a family from a city known as Bhakr who dig dead bodies from grave and ate them so this is possibility that may be this news is true but God knows.

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