cbsnews, Joy in the Congo for Easter, Afghan prospective (Dari)

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هفته‌ي كه گذشت تلويزيون سي بي اس نيوز در برنامه شصت دقيقه‌ سفري داشت به كانگو، از فقيرترين كشور هاي جهان. سرك هاي آن اسفالت نبود، و مردم آن از وضيعت صحي رنج مي‌بردند.

تمركز اصلي برنامه‌ي شصت دقيقه روي گروه موسيقي بود كه از عيد عيسويان در كنار ديگه كشور هاي جهان تجليل كرد، بود.

 اين گروه موسيقي كه گوش‌نواز مردم اين كشور مي‌باشد، توسط سياه پوستان اداره مي‌گردد.

در برنامه ‌شصت دقيقه‌ي سي بي اس نيوز، گوينده مي‌گفت كه هر چند مردم اين كشور از فقير ترين مردم كشور هاي جهان مي‌باشد، با آن‌هم زحمت‌كش اند و در پي آبادي كشور شان از طريق علم و هنر.

كشور كانگو يكي از كشور هاي آفريقايي مي‌باشد. پايتخت آن شهر كنشاسا است و جمعيت آن به بالاي ده مليون تن.

The week that passed, 60 minutes of CBS News had a trip to Congo where Kinshasa is its capital.

They said that Congo is the poorest country of the world. It had unpaved streets. Its people were suffering from the poor sanitation condition they had.

The focus of 60 minutes program was a symphony Orchestra that had performed songs on the occasion of Easter’s Day. This Symphony Orchestra was led by black people of Congo.

At 60 minutes, its announcer aid that despite the people of Congo are poor, the are making efforts to help build their country through education and art.

Congo is one African country. Kinshasa is is its capital. This country is consisted of more than ten million people.

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