Cebu's Wonderful Falls: Three Falls in One Waterfall

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Inambakan Falls / Credit: Nico Tabz via Facebook

After Dau Falls blog we hit Three Falls in One Waterfall. My chasing waterfalls adventure ended in Inambakan Falls. The second time I was here was like hitting three birds with one stone. On my first visit, I was with the M-Group while on my second visit I was with my Telstra League 52 wave-mates.

Little do I know that Inambakan Falls has five levels. I even heard it has 8 and some levels are not visitors ready. With my colleagues, we're only after for Inambakan Falls. Neither one of us got any idea about the different levels of Inambakan Falls having unique names for every level. One local asked us if we want to see the levels of Inambakan Falls. That is why for the closure of my Cebu's Wonderful Falls blog I gave a sub-title for this blog as Three Falls in One Waterfall.



Pathway to Inambakan Falls / Credit: Nico Tabz via Facebook

The road leading to Inambakan Waterfalls is long with an up-down steep hill. We parked the public utility vehicle we rented just before the downhill part. The driver was in doubt of the PUV's machine won't be able to make it go uphill on our way back. That's why we decided to go walking.

The Pathway and Level 1 / Video Credit: Karinne Rosas via Youtube

Let me show you a video recorded by Karinne Rosas. In this video, it will show you the pathway and the trail along the river until it reached the level one which is the Inambakan Falls. For the two levels of waterfalls, you can view it on the second video below.

Welcome Sign / Credit: Dimpsy via bitlanders

After the long walk and paid the entrance fee we began our trek to a long cemented stairways and welcomed by this local signage made of small stones. We pass by along a wet-muddy-slippery trail along the clear river as we head on to the falls.


Inambakan Falls / Credit: Dimpsy via bitlanders

By far I can hear the dropping water and can see the hundred-meter high Inambakan Falls. Surrounded by greeneries, you can feel the cool breeze in the vicinity. The feeling of excitement grows higher upon seeing the waterfall from afar.


Huts / Credit: Screenshot from Karrine Rosas video via Youtube

We finally arrived and got to see the stunning Inambakan Falls. If you wish to stay longer in Inambakan, you may rent one of the huts in the area just as what we did. For security purposes make sure not to leave your belongings unattended.



Inambakan Falls / Credit: Nico Tabz via Facebook

Seeing its natural beauty is worth the wet-muddy-slippery trek. The hundred-meter long waterfall has a turquoise water pool. This basin has a depth of eight feet that is best for plunging. It is only in this waterfall that I didn't dare to take a plunge. I don't know why but it scared me. Behind the waterfall is a small cave. There is a huge rock just below the waterfalls where you can have a powerful back massage.


Bugnawan Falls / Credit: Dimpsy via bitlanders

The second time I was here with my colleagues we trekked the second level of Inambakan Falls. We passed and trekked on a bushy and steep pathway for ten to fifteen minutes. Each level has its unique names and Bugnawan Falls is for the second waterfall. The catch basin of Bugnawan Waterfall flows to Inambakan falls. Bugnawan Falls is curvy in shape on top and falls straight and spread like an edge of a gown at the bottom. Unlike Inambakan Falls it flows straight down to the catch basin. Same as Inambakan, there is also a rock at the center of Bugnawan Falls. The depth of the catch basin is suitable for plunging within the rock area.


Kampael Falls / Credit: Dimpsy via Facebook

There is an upstream trail that leads to the third level of Inambakan Falls. In this level, you will find the third waterfall Kampael Falls. Kampael means owned by Raphael in Cebuano dialect it's Kang Raphael. Raphael, by the way, is the owner of the area where Kampael Falls is situated. The water in the catch basin is cool to freshen up oneself. So grateful for the local who told us the levels of Inambakan Falls. Without her, hitting three falls in one waterfall is impossible.

Inambakan Falls / Video Credit: Sergei Tokmakov Underwater Model & Nature TV via Youtube

Here is a drone video from Sergei Tokmakov Underwater Model & Nature TV. In this video, you will see the connection of each waterfall. Not only it features the waterfalls but the greeneries as well. You can see the untouched beauty of nature.


Group Photo / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Nico Tabz' Facebook page

Since time is running out, we head back to level one where Inambakan Falls is situated. Believe it or not, the drizzles can reach this far from where we stood. That is why Joseph used his GoPro for the group's obligatory photo instead of his DSLR camera. The big rock behind us is where locals take their plunge. You can see a boy sitting on that rock who took his plunge after our group photo.



 Selfie / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Joycee Abaquita's FB page

What I like about our friend Joseph Bacalso is he never fails to let us have an obligatory pose whenever he finds the best spot for each one of us on every trip we had. Having Inambakan Falls as a backdrop of my solo photo is one memorable keepsake as a traveler and as a nature lover.


To conclude this blog, I intend to go back to Inambakan to explore the other levels of the falls. It makes me wonder what the other unexplored falls may offer. As I always say, nature never fails to impress me. True indeed! Among the falls in Cebu, Inambakan is one of the best for me. Comparable to that of Kawasan Falls.

Finally wrapping my Cebu's Wonderful Falls blog posts. This blog has long been overdue. There are circumstances in life that are unexpected. For the last two months of last year, our family was grieving for the sudden loss of the head of the family. Just three days before Christmas my Papa died of lung cancer. A drastic drop in my buzz score and I forgot to buy the crown last January 6, 2019. Sigh!

That ends my Cebu's Wonderful Falls: Three Falls in One Waterfall blog. I'm hoping to be back on track and be on the leaderboard again. Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more travel blogs.

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