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Bitcoin trading

To start trading on CEX.IO, follow the steps:

Sign up with CEX.IO.

The entire registration process will take just a few moments!

Deposit funds.

Fund account with your payment card or via bank transfer. We accept VISA and MasterCard.


Start trading.

Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Earn on the price increases or decreases!


CEX.IO charges a fixed commission of 0.2% on all your buy/sell transactions. Read more here.

Trade API

Access and control your account through a custom-written software that uses CEX.IO application programming interface (API). Tune in any second and start trading with your application! Read more about Public Data Functions at Trade API.


Get started with CEX.IO – the easiest way to buy Bitcoin!

CEX.IO is a user-friendly Bitcoin exchange, which has gained trust of over 300,000 users over the time. CEX.IO has a number of advantages that make Bitcoin trading easy, fast and secure:

  • Everyone can buy their first Bitcoin with EUR or USD on CEX.IO.
  • We accept any credit cards or debit cards. Use your MasterCard or VISA.
  • We offer a variety of trading pairs including fiat money and cryptocurrencies.
  • We secure your account and your Bitcoins with a 2-factor Authentication.
  • We have high daily trading volumes.
  • Our Support Team is 24/7 and never sleeps!

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Instant mining platform for everyone.
No hardware. No setup. No electricity cost.

Earn Bitcoins with CEX.IO!



Cloud mining or cloud hashing is a brand new concept, which allows users to form groups (pools), where their joint efforts are rewarded with greater income, in comparison with individual mining with own equipment.




Sign up for a CEX.IO account
and fund your balance



Purchase cloud-based



Earn rewards while
GH/s mine you bitcoins!

Cloud mining with CEX.IO is an easier, more convenient
and vastly more profitable way to get Bitcoins.

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining or cloud hashing is a brand new concept, which allows users to form groups (pools), where their joint efforts are rewarded with greater income, compared to individual mining with their own equipment. All Bitcoin mining is done in the cloud, without any offline hassle, such as electricity, hosting issues, or installation and upkeep trouble. Thus, everybody can earn extra revenue with little to no risk and frequent payouts.

Mine or trade

You can choose either to generate income by Bitcoin cloud mining, or you can trade on the GHS price variation.

Registering for CEX.IO takes up to 30 seconds, and as soon as your account is funded, you can start buying or selling GHS.

The entire profit from the mined block is divided among all the members of the formed pool, according to PPLNS scheme.

All hash-rates are guaranteed, and there is always an option to sell the equipment at a market price.


Cloud mining with CEX.IO is an easier, more convenient and vastly more profitable way to get Bitcoins. Your participation as a member of the CEX.IO exchange allows the company to expand the Bitcoin Cloud Mining concept all over the world. Start Cloud Mining with us, and you won't wish to quit!

What are the benefits?

With Bitcoin cloud hashing you can forget about the most frequent mining problems, such as:

  • Massive electricity consumption,
  • Constant connectivity issues,
  • The need to provide cooling and space,
  • Annoying noise,
  • Other hardware maintaining issues

Why use CEX.IO?

Choosing CEX.IO, you can forget about setting up and maintaining the hardware, as it is handled by professionals in the data-centre. No electricity or ISP problems, equipment hosting issues and installation difficulties. Just forget it.

One more attractive feature is that your GHS continue to mine in the cloud and generate income for you, even when you have placed a “sell order” to sell them.

We also guarantee a stable hash-rate of the mining equipment. Even in rare cases, when problems with the GHS occur, CEX.IO takes the obligation to reimburse all losses within 24 hours.

And of course, we provide professional 24/7 support service, which allows users to receive assistance whenever they need it.


Been using this site for quite some time now and i must say. At first i was reluctant to pay but then i said "why not?" and i have been doing more BTC than before, so the payment was repaid in full.


I own some GHash shares with CEX.IO and it's one of the easiest ways to own shares in a mine these days. Bonus with them you don't just own shares but these Ghash shares actually mine bitcoins for you! You also don't just get bitcoins but these mines also mint namecoins, devcoins and a couple others at the same time...


Luckily, there’s a company that has taken the mining game to the cloud. Essentially, what they have done is they have setup all the hardware at a server park facility and have taken care of all the purchasing of the hardware, storing it, securing it, paying for the electricity and maintaining it, and they just sell fractional computer power on these machines to you for a small maintenance fee.


I was attracted to CEX.IO as I wanted to get involved in bitcoin mining without having to pay for running expensive hardware that loses its value over time. Since using the CEX.IO trading platform, I have been impressed with how easy it is to understand, the site responsiveness and overall user friendly design. The site security is excellent and the customer support has been outstanding.



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