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Everyone is thinking about himself not about Pakistan. All claims the true love for Pakistan but fail to achieve it. Our forefathers sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. It’s not about only freedom and independence but Muslim ideology. When Pakistan came into being everyone respected it and it was also the biggest pain for many around the world. Pakistan was the greatest at the beginning in other countries of the world. With the passage of time many unfit and immoral people takes the hold of the country to fulfill their own wishes using the Tag ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and making the common person fool & making their own accounts full. But still true patriotic knows that straight path is the right and the easy way.

Quaid E Azam gave us the freedom now it’s our responsibility to maintain this freedom and to make Pakistan successful. Quaid’s last message to the nation on 14th august 1948 was "The foundation of your state has been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly and as you can."

Unfortunately some people belong to Pakistan are against Pakistan and try to make it apart. Some wants free Baluchistan but they don’t know that no one can imprison baloch. How Pakistan could took freedom from baloch. Right after independence baloch sardars took a step and shake hands with Quaid-E-Azam. But now some puppets working on foreign agenda are damaging Pakistan. On the other hand some Sindhi nationalist parties want a Sindhi state name as “Sindhudesh” independent from Pakistan. One who left their homes for Pakistan and migrated are also poisoning every one, everyone wants to die for language, area, sectarianism. Enemy’s strategy is clear they want to wipe out Pakistan from map. “Don’t be afraid of the enemy that fight you but the fake friend that hugs you”. Our own people are helping out the enemy using on the name of the nation to fool people. Saviors are also alone; patriots are in number but still silent.


My journalists are causing unconscious situation using their pen. If we look around the world media is the fourth pillar but our media helps every single person who wants to put us in trouble. By useless talks on non-issues taking us away from core issues, don’t know whose agenda they are working on. Stake holders are also silent to save their positions.

Success comes with unity. United we stand divide we fall. Our enemies are united to destroy us so why shouldn’t we be united to save Pakistan. How we can make our nation rise and shine. Pakistan should be our first priority. GOD made this nation for special reason just lay down in front of GOD only. But our love should be true to effect. Our character should be positive.

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