Challenges of Life and Faces

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In this world, Life has some other names like challenges, happiness, love, sorrows and relations etc.


In life, when you are teen ager then your life is too simpler and you are free from the tension and other stresses.


But when you reach at the young age then your life is too complicated and you accept the some different hard challenges but from these challenges you always learn a lesson.


In the life, you may celebrate your happiness on the special occasion and you should enjoy from your happiness but remember that all this time does not same so you should mentally prepare for the other issues which have related from your life.


You make your relation with the other persons and you trust and believe on this person in always every time so it is beauty of the relation that you have trust on your partner and then your life is too easy and comfortable when you are in a beautiful relationship but it hurts when you are with a wrong or unbelievable person because a trust is basics of a perfect relation and this relegation makes to your life perfect.


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