Chaos in Pakistan

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What is happening to us? Suicide booming, terrorism, rising prices of things, corruption have increased worries in life of people. Mosques, shops and shopping malls are vacant because people do not go there out of fear. They are afraid because of suicide attacks. It does not establish any strong policy against these attacks. After every suicide attack president and prime minister say that we will not permit terrists to spill our country but this thong is worth mentioning that who is going to take permission from government for attacks. Government only takes support of words and does nothing practically 


On one hand suicidal attacks have depressed the lives of people and on the other hand there is war in our country and country is being destroyed and people have become roofless because they have migrated from that area. They have nothing to eat they wait for commodities of life to be provided to them.


What is happening all around us??? Lastly rising prices of goods have made people worried because they have not enough money to buy commodities of life. Pakistan is an agriculture country but there are lots of problems for the people.


Pakistan is falling in all the fields why it is falling??? Why there is chaos in Pakistan?? It is big question for us.



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