Characteristics of a good business letter

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The characteristics of a good business letter are following. Clarity: The letter written should be clear and the entire message should be understand by reader. There should not b any ambiguity in letter. Conciseness: The letter should be concise. The lengthy letter waste the time and the reader may not be interested in reading a long letter. Therefore, letter should be to the point. Completeness: The letter should be complete in every respect. There should be not any missing of any line or important information. Incomplete letter leave a bad effect. In addition, destroy the image of the writer.


Concreteness: The letter should be concrete that one line should be mix up with other line. There should not be ambiguous lines. Correctness: Letter should be correct in every respect. There should not be spelling mistakes of words or mistakes of grammar. The letter should be correct in grammatical manner. The word used should have a clear meaning that the reader can understand.


You attitude: The letter written should be in reader points of view. The use of u attitude increase the effectiveness of letter and reader take interest in reading a letter.

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