Economically developed countries && their charactereistics.

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Today I am going to give you some detailed information about Developed countries and their characteristics of this world. This is a series ,, We will also discuss about developing and underdeveloped country too.. Stay touched...


The countries where substantial development has taken place and where per capita income of the people and their standard of living are very high are called developed countries. Productivity in agriculture and industry is high in these countries as a result of application of adequate capital and extensive technical knowledge. The rate of unemployment is negligible. The supply of goods of daily use and luxury are sufficient. Transport and communication system is developed and facilities for education, health, housing, etc. are available in abundance. Main characteristics of developed countries:


1.High Per Capita Income and Standard of Living: In developed countries the per capita income is very high and standard of living is also very high. For example, the per capita income of the people of Bangladesh is $1587, in India it is $3337 and in Pakistan $2678. But it is more than $47,094 in United state.(UNDP)

2. Extensive Industrialization: Developed countries are highly resourceful in industry. In these countries larger parts of national income come from industries. Their major export items are alsoindustrial goods.

3. Abundance of Capital: In developed countries production of capital goods is more. Because of insufficient capital, economic development in these countries is expedited.

4. Full Utilization of Resources: In developed countries through the use of sufficient capital and technology total resources can be utilized to the full extent. So total production becomes high.

5. Developed Technological Knowledge: In developed countries significant advancement of technical knowledge becomes possible. As a result the skill of laborers and the volume of production increase.

6. Developed Transport and Communication System: In advanced countries roads, railways, waterways, transport, and communication system are developed. As a result, facilities, increases for the people in their way of living and for the implementation of development programs.

7. Higher Rate of Education: The rate of education is also high in developed countries. The rates of education in England, America, and Germany etc. are nearly 98% to100%.

8. Skilled Manpower: Because of sufficient facilities for education. Training and resource etc. majority of the laborers of developed countries are highly skilled. This helps to accelerate industrial development.

9. Less Pressure of Population: In almost all developed countries the rate of population increase is less. So there is no problem in the implementation of development programmes.

10. Developed Social Environment: In developed countries, because of extensive industrialization high rates of education urbanization higher standard of living etc. there is no religious fanaticism, superstition and orthodoxy in society. It means the social environment is conducive to development.

At last we say, countries like United States, England, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, and Belgium etc. are in the category of developed countries. The average per capita incomes of the people of these countries are within the range from 30,000 dollar to 52000 dollar, whereas the per capita income in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are within 1587 dollar to 3337 dollar.

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