Chemical life.

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                       Chemical life.                                                                                                    Writers have write so much about this topic.Different writers would have define life in different ways but as i am a chemistry student, i would like to define life in chemistry language.I want to dedicate this blog to all the chemistry students,chemistry professors and chemistry employees and to all those who belongs to this department through any service.                                                       Life is like a chemistry which is made up of matter having amazing and marvelous colours which leaves a pleasant effect on mind.without chemistry life is colourless,odourless and unpleasant.                                                                       Now i relate life with its different fields.                                                                              Life is like inorganic chemistry having theories of bonding.Sometimes bond formed and sometime bonds break.some bonds are strong and some are weak but inspite of all this bond breakage and bond formation phenomena ,theories of bonding must in life same like inorganic chemistry some relations break and some relations formed but relations never end inspite of relation forming and relation breaking phenomena.                                                                                     Life is like physical chemistry having very much lenghthy equations but always end with a simple and clear by comparing life with physical chemistry,i want to say just one thing life is a very long travel but its destination is very simple and clear i,e death.                                                                                                                        Life is like a biochemistry in which molecules are always in the attempt of completing a it is a very simple logic that every one in this temporary life is trying to gain its purpose .                                                                                            Life is like an organic chemistry having very complicated reactions but always end with a remarkable product.                                                                                             So from all these definitions i am able to define life that it is a continous process that starts from an action i,e birth and ends with a reaction.During this action and reaction a large amount of energy is released called as age.Age is represented by negative sign because it is an exothermic reaction. 

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