Child training (formation of habits part 1)

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In the past few days I've been talking on this topic if I am about to write a book in this somewhere up on it, it will not be wrong. Why is this topic of my most likely? I will not read it must benefit.

This process is most important in training of children that we put good habits that we are wanted in our kids. For the first few years of a child are very important. The first two years, for example, that there is no evidence that do not want to save any work. He simply asks what? How?

Namely, how it is being said that work is to be done. It is essential to good habits in the baby work or thing before him again. As the first mother to eat even if it lost it with him first. So, some say it works after some time won't need to save themselves, they will work within the regular basis because did not ask any question about this habits and work.

Similarly, any good habit to work it again and again and again, so much in the past to a firm habit will be that it will be difficult to run against it.

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