Choice of a Right Career

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Choice of a Right Career 

I am again here with another article. But this time, I have chosen a different topic which is the story of every home, every growing student who has to live a life by his own. When parents have a child they begin to make some plans for the future that their child will be a doctor or an engineer or pilot etc. The child is listening to all the time from his parents that he would be a doctor or an engineer etc and he never considers his own interest. He did not even know that what is his interest and what he wants to do. Maybe the situation is different in European countries and America but in Pakistan, this situation can be seen in every home.


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Parents are forcing their child to follow what they are saying because they might have some examples of doctors and engineers who are living a very happy life and their career is well rewarding but they do not know the reality. The one who is successful in his field is the one who is best in that field. Following others and not following your own interest will never make you a successful person and will never give you a successful career. Always choose that career in which you find your interest and you enjoy while doing that.

In this article, I am going to write about how to choose a right career so that you do not regret through your whole life and choose that career which will not only gives you a bright future but also gives you mental satisfaction too. This article would be helpful to the students as well as teachers and parents to groom the children and let them make choices according to their own interests. But first of all, I would like to define the term career.

A person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking.



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Grooming from the childhood

When a child is born, he is empty like a clean sheet of paper. He even does not know that where he is and how does he come here? He does not know his good or bad but one thing is for sure that God has sent him with some special things which others will lack. Being a parent, your job is to find that special thing and let him know because most of the time, the child even do not know himself that what he is capable of and what he is not. Being a teacher, your job is to polish that skill which a particular student has and gave him the confidence to go further deeply. All this should be done from the childhood because grooming from the childhood will help the individual to decide his future with more ease.


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Parents Role 

As I have discussed earlier that parents should not force their wishes on their children rather they should give them a free hand to choose what they wanted to be. This will not only let them choose what they like but it will also make them confident and expert in their field because if someone loves his work then definitely he will never be bored of doing that and will invent new ways in his own field. When he finds new ways then definitely his career will be much more rewarding and satisfying than a career which was forced on him to choose. Therefore, it should be the duty of all the parents to allow their children to do whatever they want in their professional life and they should not force them to adopt such a career in which they are not interested.


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Teachers role 

Teachers are the second parents of a child. If parents bring the child on the Earth then the teacher take the same child and send him to the sky because teachers are the lanterns of knowledge that makes human a complete man. Role of teachers is also very important because they are the real future makers of the children. Teachers should have the knowledge that where their students are interested and where they are lacking. It is their job to do their proper counseling so that they can make choices according to their interest. I must say that teachers are more responsible for the good or bad future of a child because a child spends more time in learning institutes than at home so they must give them proper counseling and guide them through not only in studies but also in their career deciding stages.

Let me explain you about counseling that what is counseling.

Professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods especially in collecting case history data, using various techniques of the personal interview, and testing interests and aptitudes.

                                                                                                                                                               Source: merriam-webster


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Student’s Role

Students are also responsible for choosing right or wrong career. They should have the knowledge that what they like to do and what they do not. In which particular subject they are good and in which they are bad. If they do not know their strengths and weaknesses then how would the others know?


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Students should keep one thing in mind that after studying, their whole future would be dependent on the career which they have selected. Every firm or institutes want that particular individual who could be the best choice for them and can deliver what was assign to him so definitely, they will choose such an individual who will be perfect in his field rather than any mediocre or imperfect person.


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Before deciding any career, they should consult their seniors and those who are in a practical life and belongs to that particular field which an individual wants to choose so that they could have a better idea about the curriculum and scope of that particular field. This will help the students a lot and they can decide their future.

Choice of an Educational institution


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Now comes the educational institution. Let me define educational institution:

An educational institution is a place where people of different ages gain an education, including preschools, childcare, primary-elementary schools, secondary-high schools, and universities. They provide a large variety of learning environments and learning spaces.

                                                                                                                                                                                Source: wikipedia

Choice of an educational institution matters a lot. Being parents, it is our duty to select such an educational institution which not only gives quality education but also improves the character and ethics of our children because education without manners is useless. Education without manners is just a bulk of degrees and the degree holder does not show any such characteristics by which one can say that he is an educated person. So in this regard, educational institute matters a lot because such institute has its own value and worth which not only focuses on academics but also on character building, confidence building and making such humans of the society who are healthy not only physically but also mentally.

Role of Career Counselors


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Career counselors are very important people for the students. They can be proved to be very fruitful for the students who are confused in choosing the right career because they have the knowledge of all the fields and their scope. Basically, it is their job to have the knowledge of all the fields and tell the students who are about to decide their career-related field. Every educational institution must have such career counselors who can guide the confused students so that they may not choose a wrong career which may lead them to disappointment. If you are studying in such an educational institution which does not have any career counselor then you can contact any other career counselor who is from any other institute but in my views, all the students must discuss with the career counselors before making a final decision.

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HELP from internet

In this world of technology and internet, you can also get help from the internet. If you are interested in any particular field then just search on the internet and read all the stories related to that field. You can also find the subjects whom you will study in that particular field so in this way; you can have a complete knowledge of subjects and its applications in the practical life which will make your decision easier. If you may find any interest in the subjects then you will definitely join that particular field. You can also contact to those people who are in that field through social media and you can discuss good and bad of that particular field. It will enhance your knowledge about that field and makes you decide your future career easily.


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My Personal Views

In the end, I would like to share my own experience that I have chosen electrical engineering. Many people have said that this field has much saturation because many institutes are offering electrical engineering and also it is very much tough so please do not go there. Instead, join any other field like mechanical engineering or civil engineering so that at the end of a day, you could have a job. My parents also forced me to do Chartered Accounting also known as CA but I did not listen to any of them because I was interested in Electrical Engineering and I will surely do Electrical Engineering because I know that there are many engineers in the world but there very few good engineers in the world and I want to be among those few engineers who are experts in their field.

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