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The first question which comes to our mind is that what are the characteristics of the new Christianity? We have to see if not in detail, but enough to know about it. Christians have never acted upon what is preached on it. There are a lot of problems such as the struggle between white and black yet not solved.

“There is no relation whatsoever between the Christian teachings and practice. The treatment which white Christian met out to their coloured fellow, ie the Negroes in USA, and South Africa is a glaring example of the failure of Christianity is still looking for a solution of their colour problems”.[1]

Further in page 27 of the same book:

“While a Christian missionary has right to extol, praise and preach Christianity be seldom hesitates to let slip pass an opportunity to misrepreseant the other religiouns particularly Islam. In this the Padre is not alone. Almost all Christian writers a few executions follow the sanme trend.

“Schools were opened where not only English was introduced but Bible class was made compulsory. Girls were encouraged to discard Pardah and they too were given all sorts of temptations to become Christians. Hospitals were started where those versed in alien system of treatment were put in charge and practiced by local vaids and Hakims was totally band. Missionaries were given full freedom and were even enthusiastically encouraged to preach Christianity”.[1]

We can have a very good example of Christian activity among Afghan Refugees in Peshawer Camps (the Frontier Province of Pakistan). The western missioners were spending a lot of money in building the hospitals, setting up high schools and other types of charity centers for Afghans. Infact, they were not doing this merely for the purpose of helping the Afghan migrants, rather along with it, they were preaching Christianity through those mentioned ways. The charity and helping they were doing, had special purposes behind them. They were cheating Afghan immigrants who were living in a very bad condition, saying that they love Afghans.

What they were claiming, was totally and merely false and all were for reaching to their hidden purposes and goals. It had and has been proved, and a very good example for it can be that everyone living inside and outside Afghanistan during those years of war between Afghans and Russions, know and may remember that, the western countries specially USA were fully supporting the “Mujahidins” (the armed fighters against Russians) politically, financially and militarily. They were sending heavy and light weapons to Mujahideens to fight against Russians, but by the fall of Dr. Najibullah’s Regime and the Mujahidins coming into power, Afghanistan was totally forgotten and left by itself. Inspite of supporting them, they started and tried to destroy the unity of Afghan Mujahidins in different ways and by different means and tricks. They propagated false things from one group of Mujahidin to another, making them to fight with one another and kill one another. And the same is going on since then but in different ways. But in this mission, they were and are not alone, and unfortunately our neighboring countires especially Pakistan government has been helping them to succeed.

They have always been trying to break the unity among Afghans especially Islamic organizations, trying to cut down the relationship between them. They have been propagating among the common people most of whom are uneducated, saying that Arabs are “Wahabis” and Afghans must avoid them, otherwise they will try to make Afghans like themselves. Afghans should not be “Wahabis” because they are Hanafites and they should stick to their own “Mazhab”. By mentioning these few words, I would like to warn the educated brothers and sisters that all were and are mere propagation of the enimies of our beloved country which is going on like this for centuries. They want to bring disunity among the Muslims. Instead of thinking to destroy ourselves killing each other, we must recognize and know our realy enimies, Islam’s enimies and the enimies of humanity in general. Who are these hidden enimies of Islam, may all know by now. As mentioned above, that our neighbours are helping the enimies of Afghanistan in their mission, but we can not call Pakistani, Arab and all Muslim people our enimies. It is always polititians and enimies of Afghanistan. They are cheating us (the Muslims) under the name of supporing “Democracy” and human rights, committing some financial aids, which they have never in reality, have been faithful. They are fighting against Muslim countries all over the world, supporting the Jews in Palastinian Land. It is clear that the west has never been a real friend and will never be too. The reason why I say this is that nowadays it is very simple for one to look and find out. If you have internet access in home, you should brows the internet going to different sites especially go to Yotube, facebook and etc and see what the Jews are doing? The westerns can never be friends of Muslims, especially of Afghans who always have stood against invaders. Do you think, the Great Britain has forgotten and will forget what Afghans did against their invasion and empire, and be friends of Afghans? They know it very well that Afghans can not be defeated from the way of fighting with them and there fore they have chosen the new methods to fight them, ruining the unity among them, by saying that the Pashtons are the majority in this country, and then Farsi Speakers, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Aimaqs, Baloochs, Nooristanis, Pashayees and etc.

Afghans know this very well that there is not any caste or creed distinction between them and they will be one nation till they survive as Muslims. I want to inform the Afghan Muslim brothers and sisters to be aware of the tricks of the ancient enimies of Islam of whom we know, were the invaders of our country killing hundreds of innocent people of us, before the invasion of our country by Russians and was thrown out of our country like Russians very bravely.

Unfortunately, the western society especially the British after being defeated by Afghans, started new methods as mentioned above to fight the Muslim world and Afghans and they have succeeded to some extent. Nowadays in our universities, the students while being graduated wear the Jews/Christian monk’s cloths very proudly. If you tell them to wear instead Muslim “Mullah’s” cloths, I am sure that they will say it is uncivilized and not good and we fell ashamed of wearing it.  They wear Christianity Churches cloths proudly and don’t fell ashamed which is much older fashioned than Islamic ones but if they Afghan/Muslim cultural clothes, it will look bad. From this, one can imagine that how much the Jews, and Christianity joint programs and operations have succeeded? Our sisters fell ashamed, if they wear “Hijab” or at least Afghanistan cultural cloths while going out of the house and walk into the streets and places of their works. They don’t care about having “Mahram” and “Non Mahram” with them while going out, neither they nor their parents, because they say it is modernized century and democracy. Have anyone ever thought about the root of this so called democracy, where from this has come?



Using this opportunity, warning my people about the danger very close to them, I would like to give a clear message to the western community that the Afghans can not be cheated so easily. They have been awake and they know what to do. I would like to ask them that instead of trying to destroy other nation’s culture, they should help keep it alive. The brave sons of Islam are now awake and prepared against all the enimies of Islam. We are prepared to defend Islam and ourselves as we have done before against all and every kinds of attacks from all sides by sords, so we can do it once more with pens.

[1] A look at the West by Major Muhammad Akram (Page # 27)


[1] A look at the West by Major Muhammad Akram (Page # 26)

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