cinnamon buns!!!!!!

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so everyone today i made cinnamon buns, and all i do is make a sweet dough roll it into a 18x14 inch sheet, brush it with butter, add a mixture of equal parts raisins and brown sugar enough to cover leaving a haf inch border.roll it up and as you roll it brush it with butter on the side your rolling under. after cover the rest with butter and roll it in brown sugar. mix 1/2 cup milk brought to a boil and then removed from the heat with 3/4cup brown sugar and  a lot of cinnamon. pour into 13x9 glass pan. douse with cinnamon and then place buns into rows. pour whipping cream over top each bun and let rise for an hour. bake at 375 for 23-28 minutes. enjoy

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Mid 20s Canadian guy living in the snowy abyss of Alberta. Oh yeah I'm a cook too! And avid enthogenic enthusiast.

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