Clever eating You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to stay fit

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Moderation is key
1. Blood Sugar Level: can be kept steady by eating little and often (every three to four hours and including a high proportion of complex carbohydrates. These release energy at a slow consistent rate into the bold stream and include wholegrain, cereals, pulses and some fruits and vegetables

2. B-vitamins: are important for effective sugar metabolism and energy release, and are essential to combat cravings for sugar food lack of B vitamins can lead to poor concentration, irritability and anxiety

3. fresh fruit and vegetables : and fortified whole grain breakfast cereals are excellent sources, as are whole meal bread, yeast extract, liver and pulse .

4. iron : an iron deficient diet will leave you feeling tired . good sources include cereals, liver, kidneys, dried apricots, plain chocolate, eggs, watercress, beef and wholemeal bread. A multivitamin containing iron is useful if u don’t eat meat. To improves the way your body absorbs iron, include a food or drink high in vitamin C with an iron rich meat or supplement. You could have salad in your egg sandwich eat fruit after a steak meal or drink orange juice with your breakfast cereal.

5. water : is the one of thing your body cant do without you need a minimum of two and a half liters of fluids a day say nutritionists. This can include tea, coffee and juices but its good to make water a high percentage of your intake. When exercising add a further liter of fluids for every hour that your work out.

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