CNG and Pakistan

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CNG stands for compress natural gas. Natural gas is compressed with heavy compressors and use as a substitute fuel in vehicles. Pakistan government give boost to this fuel in 2003 – 2004 without any future plan. Due to the usage of gas in vehicles now Pakistan is suffering with its shortage.

In 2009 gas resources of Pakistan come to end due to the usage of gas in vehicles. On one hand government encouraged the CNG while on other give no concern to the production of natural gas. Now Pakistan is facing the shortage of gas. Poor people of Pakistan sit and wait for gas so they cook there food. There is plan to import the gas from Iran but it’s only in papers from last 30 years.

Only two positive impacts of CNG in Pakistan are one new business and employment opportunities and second decrease in air pollution. But there are too many negative impacts of CNG on Pakistan economy. Some of them are as follow.

  •  Expand billions of dollars on import of CNG compressors kit and cylinders now these are useless due to gas shortage.
  •  Shortage of gas effect our industries especially cotton related industries i.e. textile industry of Faisalabad.

  •  Its effect our lives as we can’t cook our food at time due to load shedding of gas.


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