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Coconut oil also helps regulate our blood sugar levels.

But what everyone wants to know is how does it affect weight loss? Fats from coconut have special fats which are referred to as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which has been shown to help the liver burn fat efficiently, once they're broken down. A study from 2009 found that women who consumed about 2 tablespoons a day for 4 months not only didn't gain weight, they actually lowered their abdominal fats, fat around the belly that is extremely difficult to lose.

So what is exactly is coconut oil?

Pure virgin coconut oil that contains no added hydrogen contains 92% saturated fat, which is the highest amount of saturated fat of any fat. Most saturated fats found in animal products contain cholesterol. Unlike animal fats, tropical oils like palm and coconut, are saturated fats but depending on room temperature can be solid, semi-solid or liquid and do not contain cholesterol. Coconut oil is a blend of fatty acids and because it stems from coconuts, there are important and beneficial plant chemicals that haven't been discovered yet, but may exist in coconut oil.

Coconut oil is gaining favor with vegans, who prefer getting their saturated fat from plant foods. But coconut oil has a secret ingredient. About half of the fat content in the oil is a rare fat found in nature called lauric acid.

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