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Textile designs are the original creation of the designer. CAD       (Computer Aided Design) is a computer program that helps to       visualize the design in final form without producing any sample.        Many of ours clients, as Calvin Klein, use this software as is       very helpful to minimize time.   Its easy to operate, the data (as       fabric construction, yarn size, print/finishing, content, etc) can       be transmitted through computer files, and also can be easily       modify,  and you can control the process from different locations.


       CAD bring so many specific softwares for different aspects of         textile and apparel manufacturing., production of dobby,       jacquard, printed fabrics, etc.  For example,  the design       of novelty jacquards woven fabrics. CAD can be used for       drawing thread patterns directly on the fabric simulation, easy to       edit weave, colors, weft density, warp tension. 
      For the creation of women's dresses, or printed sweaters,       this program bring the designer the tool to alter the colors, the       image sizes, the repeats and which way - horizontal or vertical

      CAD allows the designer the vision of the clothing on virtual       models, changing colors, shapes, patterns, minimizing time and       saving cost, as less samples will require further adjustments.        CAD is also an important industrial art extensively used in many       applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace       industries, industrial and architectural design, prosthetics, and       many more. CAD is widely used to produce computer animation for       special effects in movies, advertising and technical manuals. The       modern ubiquity and power of computers means that even perfume       bottles and shampoo dispensers are designed using techniques       unheard of by engineers of the 1960s. Because of its enormous       economic importance, CAD has been a major driving force for       research in computational geometry, computer graphics (both       hardware and software), and discrete differential geometry.[]

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