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Bitlanders was introduced to me by my younger sister. She asked me to make an account and did what she told me after a week, I think. I was in a lazy mode of signing up since she mentioned that I’ll earn through the posting of blogs, photos, and video. The thought of it makes me cringe a little bit because I'm neither a blogger, a photographer nor a multimedia major. It seems that Bitlanders are for those who excel in any of the said field or all of it.

And here comes the thought of wanting to attend the Ambition Concert of my all-time favorite Japanese Band - One OK Rock. I was very determined that I started to post randomly and eager to rise on top. It was just a matter of time that I realized the Dos and Don’ts of this platform. And now, I'm on my second week of being an active member and I enjoyed every single day with it. It may sound a little bit corny but yes, it's true and that made me inactive both on Facebook and Twitter.

On October 14, 2017, it was the start of selling of tickets of OOK and I've decided not to go for too many reasons. (Poor Soul) As I've said, One Ok Rock Ambition Concert Tour was the only reason why I joined here. However, the paper flipped and made me realize that Bitlanders will be my training ground.

Reasons Why I consider Bitlanders as a Training Ground

  1. I love Photography but I need to practice more and here in Bitlanders, it really boosts my interest in which my friend and I started planning to go to places where we will do a photoshoot. Yes, we are serious about that.
  2. I want to learn more about video editing.  I've had my first and real video editing on my first employment wherein we had a conference held in our university. We have a colleague that is expert on this but his hands are already full and asked for a help. So I volunteered even though I don't have a background on this and then my video was presented to the different Higher Education Institutions (HEI).
  3. I want to train myself in writing since I work on a Research Project. Ironic as it may seem but yes I work on a Research Project but I am still not confident with my writing skills. It was in my college days that I started to realize that English is one of my weakest points and I don't want myself to remain static in that in the field of writing whether creative or technical writing. It sounds a bit too late but I can't blame myself, I was exposed to numbers in college days. (Defensive again!) 

With that, I gather all my courage to write something and for a starter like me, I've come up with an idea of making a confession as a neophyte. I know it's quite early to make a confession about my 2-week experience but still, I've decided to make one. Now, I’ll be mentioning this again and again, but after a long silence, I was able to compose myself and decided to formulate some words after a huge heartbreak - 1-star rating.



Image Credits: Sabrina Simon via Pinterest

 Yes! I've had my 1-star rating in my first few days here in Bitlanders. I wanted to delete it because I will always remember my stupidity whenever I see it, but unfortunately, a rated post cannot be deleted. It was just a short opinion of mine regarding the book I've read entitled The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I posted it first on Instagram, Goodreads and third, here in Bitlanders. I was not thinking clearly at that time and just clicked the 'Submit For Review' button. It’s not even a book review, to begin with.

However, I realized that I need to see my mistakes for me to strive harder. It will serve as my motivation and a reminder that everything comes with a price. - kneelyrac


Image Credits: kneelyrac via Instagram 

In addition, I was just a typical ignorant newbie who explores the site without some Youtube tutorials or blogs to read. I kept asking about this and that to someone in the global chat. I bet they were annoyed by me and I still don't care about it. The thought of earning money here heightens my capability of annoying people and I want to apologize.



 Image Credits: Amino Apps

So here is the list of the things I did in my first few days here:

1. Sub for Sub

"Hi everyone, I'm new here in Bitlanders and if you could sub my profile then expect me to sub yours."

Yes! I know people. I know already. Don't judge me. Please. I was young, dumb and broke. Haha. Anyways, it's a big No No but I just did.. Why? Because of my tardiness to read the FAQs, Terms of Service and tips from the experts. Every now and then, there are still newbies that looks like a lost child who wants to find the way to their house. I know the feeling. I've already been there and what you are doing right now, I've done that as well.

But the 'good' thing that I did in this part was I only lasted for three days and then stopped it. Also, I didn't message a certain user nor post a comment in their posts and type 'Sub for sub please'. I was not that desperate. After I read the FAQs and Terms of Service, there was a sign of relief and happiness that my account is still alive and kicking amidst the things I've done in the global chat. Hence, the level of my absurdity lies flatly in the global chat and messenger of my dearest hot momma friend Didai. (Defensive. HAHA)

Image Credits: Patrick via Venngage

Wear your gears and bring your weapons before you go to a war. - kneelyrac

2. Buzz for Buzz

"Hi, guys. This is my second day as an active user here in Bitlanders and if you could check my post and buzz it then I'll do the same. Thank you!"

"Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here in Bitlanders, and could you please help me for a bit by buzzing my posts?"

Please don't look at me like that. I only did that in the global chat and in the messenger. Yes, shout out to my dearest friend again. (Haha!)

It was my second day in Bitlander when I asked for a help in global chat. One user asked me what help do I need and I answered her, "Could you please buzz my posts?" She did and it was so generous of her. She even gave me a piece of advice. I forgot the name but I'm thankful for his/her help. Anyways, I was then told that I should post more especially a high-quality post to gain more buzz and have a huge leap to a higher rank. It was just a simple instruction but I understand it the other way around. So I posted more microblogs and pictures and buried the statement 'Quality Over Quantity' at the back of my medulla oblongata. I just recently understand the meaning behind those simple words and made me realized that I need to do some.

Image Credits: Neal Kellner via CM Travel 4 Fun

Quality matters. Quantity is futile if Quality is invisible. Quantity and Quality should always be in parallel with each other. - kneelyrac

 3. Misused Free Subscriptions

As I've mentioned earlier, I have a 1 star rated supposed-to-be-a-blog. This shall never be forgotten and will remain buried at the depth of my broken heart. Haha Kidding. Anyways, I was so immersed with the thought of completing the daily quest on the right side of the interface so I submitted it for a review not knowing the consequence. A day after I completely sobered myself up, I just realized what I did and discovered that I ended up submitting my supposed-to-be blog twice in a row. How great is that! Luckily, the system detected a  duplication of the submitted post so they didn't count it but every time I'll go to my profile, the blog area has 2 blogs when in fact it should be labeled as one (1).



Think before you act. 

If you are a newbie here, use your three free submissions wisely. As much as possible, use those three in writing blogs. Don't end up like me. I wasted one and now I'm having some trouble regarding on how to submit a blog after I use my last free submission. 

4. Squandered Gems

Okay, I will say it first that I'll be a bit of defensive in this area. Gems are First was because of Flap Pig and my 6-year-old sister. They have a good combination by the way and 3 gems were deducted in just a couple of minutes. The second was when I was furious about the editing of Shirt and Tarpaulin that I ended up buying this Pumpkin with a witch hat for 10 gems without even blinking. Yes, people! 10 gems. Pumpkin with a witch that offers you 4 buzz in 10 straight days. Honestly, gems are very precious especially when your 3-free subscription is all bad, it’s not, but for a starter, I think it's not a good idea. 10 gems could’ve been used to post one blog that could help me to rank up. But, I was a One-Minute Millionaire at that moment so yeah, poor 10-gem soul. 

Snapshot via Lightshot by Kneelyrac

Indeed being furious lowers your level of thinking. An hour later, after I finished the designing of tarp and shirt, I was shocked that I misspent my 10 precious gems. In this part, I can say that I was blinded by my emotions and my wants for my avatar - to look more fashionable and in trend. In contrary, I lost sight of the needs of a neophyte.

Image Credits: Erin Hanson via

Needs versus Wants. Need is a compulsory matter. It's a necessity. Want is what you like. It's based on your preference. - kneelyrac

4. Ambitious

Aiming to reach the top 100 when in fact I don’t work my ass off. I can’t blame myself for being too lazy. I have a full-time job, a business, and then this. Also, I have no background in blogging although, in photography or videography, I do have a little bit. I was really serious that I will not post blogs nor videos. Blogs make my brain drains and for videos, I need to think for a nice concept and do some editing.
So I said to myself that I’ll go with the photography. I submitted a gallery once and I almost squeal that Hillary gave it 3 stars. I was really expecting that my rank will increase exponentially, but again, it did not.


Image Credits:

5. Shy to ask

Facebook is to Like and Reactions, Twitter is to Love, Instagram is to love as well and Bitlanders is to Buzz. Yes, it is quite easy to understand this way but no it is not that simple. You must dig deeper to fully understand the concept. You will start to hear Base Buzz and then Direct Power-ups. When it comes to this, my mind and eyes are in a spiral motion. I’m confused but somehow understand why there are top-notchers. I don’t know it is hard to explain that I don’t understand it fully but understand why they are in that rank and why I’m in this rank.

So yeah, here’s the point, as a freshman it is natural to ask which way to go but I didn’t go to the natural way. Instead of asking help to the experts, I just did some stupid things and ended up having this confession.

Okay back to the topic, us, freshmen, are lucky enough to have pioneers who are very welcoming and kind to extend their arms and impart their knowledge on how to survive here in Bitlanders, how to make a blog that could gain high rating, a decent gallery, you can name it all. A big and warm thanks to those generous people.

Key Points

The level of ones learning is not base on one's age. It is based on the experience and how you cope with it. - kneelyrac 

Now I'll be highlighting the key points of this reputation-killer “blog” by mentioning the things I’ve learned as a neophyte.

1. Before you dive in, explore and have some research.
2. Understand the process.
3. And if you still don’t know, seek the help of the pioneers here in Bitlanders. Make them explain it in layman’s term.
4. Work your ass off.  Be both ambitious and hardworking. 
5. Tie the lace of the shoes of the experts and wear it, if you'll be annoyed by the spamming then surely, they are annoyed too.
6. If you are new to blogging, photography, and video-making, then it's time to go beyond your shell.

Grow  up and go beyond your shell and start doing things. Don't be a static forever. Consider this as your training ground and never give up. In due time, you'll end up having a good laugh when you reminisce your freshman days here in Bitlanders. - Kneelyrac



I'll be leaving some video tutorials for every beginner. 


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Thank you for reading. 

- kneelyrac










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