Congrats TSU for millionaire !! And thanks for algorithm of when my earning $100 BUT how the FIRST $ will come to me, can you pl

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TSU has got significant response from their opening day to till now but they should keep in mind that it is because of earning  . So somehow they should make clear about how are they paying to us and based on what?

TSU have already passed some days but only few peoples can realize the way ofearning. The things we can understand from TSU posts that money laying on Quality content that will come by sharing

As you may know that we everybody not well experienced for quality of post and more or less 80% of peoples on TSU will be like this and their post may not get huge shares to earn. So is that not meaning that TSU is only those 20% peoples not for all?

As a out of 80% peoples started my TSU journey from 28th October sharing some post everyday and getting more or less average views 1738 per day, likes 10 per post, comment 2/3 per post and 10 share per day. And how much TSU has paid to me US$ 0.53 by 22 days, so is this not disappointing for me. If yes, I think 80% peoples those who are like me, just doing based on normal theory of TSU will be agreed and leave away soon. If TSU want us to stay with TSU, they should make clear the calculations of earning and do something to earn for these 80% peoples.

Some says specifically that per share $0.01 but I am not agreed with them at all. If per share $0.01 my earning amount would be more $2.00 but actually not; have earned only US$0.53.

Very interesting things is Tsū’s algorithm has explain when I earned $100 how it’s distributed but unfortunately didn’t clarify how the first $ I will earn or based on which things this first $ has come.

However, TSU Team should disclose  the method of Earning to keep their blooming!! Also should clear to us whether TSU really want us to make money by TSU or just to get attraction of the community has circulated about earning of money which is the easiest way to get peoples.

Hoping to have response from TSU team!!<br#tsu #tsunation #tsuteam#Tsuworldorder #Tsusupportteam #tsuhelpteam #support #help #TSUalgorithm#earningmoney 

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