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When Nokia phone is in its peak I remember it very well the commercial it says "Connecting People", of course you have to buy Nokia phone just to connect to other people.

Bitlanders is connecting people around the world. This platform is the reason we are here and we are in one accord: to write, to post photos, to learn, to share everything in our lives even dogs, cats, what brand of shampoo do we use, how do we brush our teeth and women's favorite lingerie. That makes who we are. We connect and interact here in Bitlanders and lastly people will not judge your work because of who you are but because how important is your interaction to everyone. We are connecting with each other because we are a people of connecting people!

Are you an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, MyPhone, Cherry Mobile smartphone user that connects to other people? 

Image Courtesy: Nokia 3315

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