"Couples" ice cream

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"Couples" ice cream

No grammatical error: I wrote just "couples" ... Although not wish anyone to live a relationship comparable to an ice cream or a mousse ... unless it is a relationship between penguins, but in their report freezer beat us in terms of monogamy and gender equality ... the fact that the male spupazzi the egg instead of the female speaks volumes !!!
http://pinguini.altervista.org/Immagini/3/25-3.jpgUn'altra analogy can be seen between the penguins, which during the ' "Waiting" are filled with food to consume it gradually in the months of hatching, and women, during pregnancy tend to rise as the hot air balloons to pass the next 10 years to fast in an attempt to dispose kg too much ... But that's not the topic that interests me here!

Ice cream with sauce close up shoot Stock Photo - 5301560Come in ice cream, the couple's life is all a matter of taste ... and assortments of gaskets and "presentation" ... And as in ice cream, there are various philosophies and "schools" pairing: sinful opt for the couple "cream- cream"; the prude and health fanatics who do not dare to transgress even when they transgress) for the "fruit-fruit"; strong-willed (or undecided) for the oxymoron "cream-fruit", the avant-garde for herbal or floral flavors (eg ice cream lentil, the potato, the violet, the rose ... which in my opinion should be prohibited by law , banned from the gastronomic censorship, and otherwise do not have great success) that does not match anything ... perhaps with a salad?

We do not mention here the lonely, single incorrigible, who are content of one flavor.
Even in relationships is important "assortirsi", which does not mean (I speak from experience) choose a view to melt and blend with each other, in a nondescript creamy sauce that is so sweet and velvety but not he knows best what to know, but to be able to be together in the same cup without one of the two rolls balls down ...
There are people (and flavors) who are comfortable with high (other flavors) related to them: the cream is well with chocolate, cream, vanilla, coffee ... giving rise to mouthwatering duets (or trios or quartets, but if you speak to "couples" let's just two !!! let's stop and think of all the perversions that we may have come to mind!) where at the end you do not know which way to taste before, it is not clear which flavor predominates, which you prefer ... just like in the relations between strong personalities, they will love in a sometimes surly and combative, but no less sweet scioglievolmente!
The strawberry fits with lemon, mint, melon, etc ... The result will be perhaps a cup (couple) a bit ' "pale" ... but how do you judge from outside the taste of others' relationships ?

Some individuals prefer to approach someone from the "flavor" more determined to participate in it (the famous "mozzarella" is comfortable with strong teammates like licorice, kiss, tiramisu!), Or aroma more delicate to be reassured or be quietly predominant ...
There is not a more "good taste" of another or a combination more advisable ... it's all about preferences, tastes, personality ... And if Empedocles believed that "similar elements are attracted by sympathy" it is said that this is always the best solution! The rules of the nouvelle cuisine and avant-garde poetry also apply to marital relationships: sometimes the contrasts, the weird juxtapositions, oxymorons and antithesis make the most interesting weddings and moved!
The key issue is then, as I said, the "presentation", the image of an ice cream- couple- marriage relationship wants to give of himself to the world when it comes out of the ice cream rearguard or from the nest at home: there's the ice cream that you leave in the cardboard cup unpretentious, one that challenges the "dissolution" from the top of a waffle cone, the haughty that purports to look at the world from the top of a coppa- Martini, one that drowns in the coffee or chocolate .. . or liquor in the most desperate cases! There are ice creams that are hidden under a blanket of whipped cream-and others who rouge of spiraling cookies, cherries, pralines, colored sugar ...
Similarly there are couples who like to show off their "duality", that surround their lives of beautiful objects, decorating it more or less sincere perfection, and others that are content to live in their own "cup" that views from outside may seem insignificant, but it suggests a sense of welcome, a way to "enjoy" life and gustrasi each other less dramatic, more genuine, intimate and pure. We are all free to choose whether to eat our ice cream and live our lives and our love drawing avidly from the source (direttamenete from the cone, rejecting the mediation of any "artifact"), with modesty, caution and moderation (a little at a time, with the traditional teaspoon of colored and transparent plastic), with ostentation and exaggeration (megacoppe and spoons with long handles of silver).
All about choices, tastes, assortments, of ways of being.
Now even get into an ice cream shop will become a complex and problematic?
Good ice cream and good loves everyone!

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