Craze to Look Beautiful

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In general Beauty means a pretty white face with a slim body . Every one try to get this beauty and tried their best to look smarter and younger . In early times beauty is considered to be natural and God gifted but now this view changes and people think that beauty can be achieved by applying different masks and surgeries .

Now one can change their own face features as one's like by cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery . In eastern society the fair complaction is the sign of beauty . A person having dark complaction is not liked by society specially for women . Many creams and different type of beauty tips are used by the girls to become white and beautiful. Even in the selection of life partner (marriage) the criteria of men and their family is of beautiful and fair looking girl . This lead to the craze of look beautiful in girls .

A thing of beauty is joy for ever

The  craze to look beautiful is increasing day by day . In early years only women are indulged in this craze but now Men are also in this race . In west that is considered to be most liberal and civilized society are also paying a lot of interest and money in beautifying them self and look dark complection people with hated eyes and considered them an inferior cummunity . The beauty industry never goes on loss even in inflation times .

Media is also responsible for this craze . The adds given in them only focuses on beautiful faces ,hair ,nails,body, and eyes . No one is focusing on internal beauty that is reflected on face and that beauty can never be changed through any remedies . The beautiful face is just like a well decorated box, no one knows what is inside it . but if it is empty or filled with rubbish than the worth of that beautiful box would be nothing .

So we should develop a craze for internal beauty and than we automatically look beautiful and charming . It is important that we give importance to our look and body fitness but having craze for it is not good . Beautiful and fair face is not considered to be a criteria for judging one's personality.


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