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Creativity takes courage (Henri Matisse)

Saturday morning. I am being lazy. Thinking about writing a new song... This is always how it works. Something instantly pops up in my brain. And boom... Some new text or melody. Then it transforms into a masterpiece, something more serious, into a song or composition. 

I always like when my songs sound somewhat different. Even if people don't (sometimes) except such creativity, my soul is always happy; deep inside I realize that I was able to CREAT, not CONSUME. I will explain you what I mean by consume. It is when you incorporate somebody else's style into your own, and people's feedback is usually something like, "Look at her. Her voice is so beautiful. Just like Celine Dion's!" Who the hell is Celine Dion?! You can be a million times better than her.
We are humans, and we were born to be different, either mentally or physically. When you, girls, go to stores, you are always looking for the clothes that would differ you from your girlfriends or colleagues. So many times I was a witness of how women get upset seeing somebody else wearing similar garments. Good mood is ruined!
This same thing happens with all creative people. Sometimes we do replicate somebody else's ideas subconsciously, not on purpose, but then we regret that we haven't spent a little bit more time to create something absolutely unique.
 There is so much information in our heads. This modern world makes us clutter piles of piles of information. So, there is no doubt it is everywhere; it effects our life, it effects our work and creative processes.
In order to filter all this garbage, we should collaborate with Nature more often. In my personal view, camping, fishing and, perhaps, diving help refresh soul and spirit, fill them with light and happiness, and hence with new creative ideas.
love you all, my friends...

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