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Cricket is a type of outdoor play. It is played between two teams. It is played with a ball, a bat and wickets. The ball, the bat and the grounds are the right size for this game. Windows and-cricket-ball are called, cricket bat cricket.

Cricket is the national sport of England. It dates back to the 13th century Cricket is very popular in England and its popularity has spread to other parts of the world. Now it is a game of international status and now Cricket Match-games are being played in international tournaments.


Cricket is played between two teams. One is the bowling side and the other is the batting side. There are eleven players on each team.

Players bowling side in different positions such as: Bowler, Wicket keeper, first slip, slip second point, canyon, long-off, long upfield out of bounds, long borderline, third man boundary.

The batting team players come to play as two starters, first down, second and third down, down fourth, fifth, sixth down below, seventh, eighth down below, ninth below.

Next door, tow referees, one is standing just behind the bowling side window and the other rises a few feet away, left or right of the batting side window.

Cricket is played on a round field. A cricket-gate is made of three stumps and two bails. They are of an approved size. Two gates are set correctly in the center of the field of cricket. There is a field between these two windows.

The bowler bowls the ball with the objective of the window and the batter tries to drive the ball with his bat. When the ball is hit out, the batter runs east gate to the window and from the gate to the gate as often as possible for him before the ball is obtained by players of bowling. If a bowling team player catches a ball hit-off before it falls on the floor to win the credit of a catch and the batter is overthrown. If the stumps are overwhelmed bail out the batter is overthrown. Similarly, management was, I hit wicket etc. They are there to overthrow a player. In such cases another player batting team reaches its position. Thus, the game continues.

In the second turn of the game of bowling equipment, becomes the team batting and batting team becomes the bowling team. During the game, each team races are counted. The winning team of the most runs proclaimed winner. Fro any reason if a party is not complete in fixed matches are also carried out. In these cases, both teams make the same term. But in the match day there is any deviation. Tie-drawn situation does not arise. If a batter makes a hundred runs in an innings, wins a century. If the batted ball crosses the border states four if the ball crosses the boundary line in the air called a six.

In the game of cricket batsman wearing hand-arm-gloves, protector, leg guards, thigh guards, shoes and helmet filled as insurance against injury.


Now, the game of cricket has gained popularity worldwide. It has been popular in India too. Cricketers Sunil Gavaskar as India, Kapil Dev and Tendulker have earned name and fame in the world of cricket. Even then, more and more Indian must present to learn this game.


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