Curvy and shapely

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My thighs are thick my legs are shapely,
Nobody has told me I have thin waist lately.
The shirts I wear are busting the seams,
that won’t stop me being in my man’s dreams.

Who wants a straight road when you can have curves,
The fun is riding all the dips and the turns.
I embrace this body for all its charm,
Never has it caused me any alarm.

I was a size 12 just now I’m a plus,
It’s just a number to me still you cause fuss.
This shape I know just how to dress,
My curves I let the material caress.

Don’t get me wrong I’d like to be toned,
But you’ll never see me skin and bone.
I like an ample bust and some back,
Being thin just won’t give me that.

My body is far from media perfect,
But my man gives it plenty of worship.
You see confidence doesn’t have a size,
It comes from within and shines through your eyes.

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