Custom Color Is Seen With Sun Labs Self Tanner Before And After Results

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Across the globe people have always been drawn to color tones. Those living in the sunnier climates have access to the sun's rays to achieve the popular golden brown tone. For those in the less temperate areas, it can be more difficult to catch a natural effect. Even with access for natural coloring, the effects of the sun have been shown to be tied to skin cancer, premature aging, and a dry, leathery appearance. Instead, people are looking for indoor solutions. Sun Labs self tanner before and after results are a popular alternative to the outdoors.

The natural look is definitely in. Some people may remember the tanning lotions of the past. These creams created mini-monsters sporting bright orange skin. Not only were these formulas unpleasant to smell, they left orange hands and streaks across ankles. To avoid these former concerns, Sun Labs self tanner before and after products boast a custom shading guide that allows clients to see what their shade will be based on their natural tone.

What is unique about Sun Labs self tanner before and after care items is the naturally appearing radiance. One can finally say goodbye to the day-glow effects from the past. With the new, innovative ingredients, Sun Labs self tanner before and after creams bring out a healthy glow.

Drawing comparisons once again, many tanning lotions have a smell that is hard to describe. Since so many people have sensitivity to smells, Sun Labs self tanner before and after products are hard to match. The gentle, fruit scented lotions keep clients' from feeling light headed or nauseous. This characteristic is great for sensitive individuals.

Some objections to other market items is the fact that they are tested on animals. Some customers may not be concerned about this aspect. Sun labs self tanner before and after lotions are made from a natural sugar base. Thus, for those who do look at the manner in which products are tested, these lotions are environmentally designed.

Skin looks its best when it is hydrated properly. Not only that, but in order to get smooth even coloring, moisture must be locked in. Sun Labs self tanner before and after lotions assure that the application is absorbed well because of their hydrating ingredients. The formulas are designed to be smooth and silky to prevent streaking of color.

Also unique to Sun Labs self tanner before and after products is the fact that they are darkly tinted. When opening the bottle the dark brownish liquid can be intimidating. Have no fear, however. Sun Labs self tanner before and after formulas do not resemble the tints in the containers. Using the color card included with the order will describe the real skin tone.

Most people want to look their best. Nothing says young and healthy quite like gorgeously bronzed skin. As people become more conscious of the negative effects of the sun, they are looking for a better way to get the color they desire. Time has shown that Sun Labs self tanner before and after experiences provide that better option. Their line of lotions are safe and bring out the best color match second only the sun. Anyone can now get the look of sun-kissed skin.

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