What are the Different Skin Types and Which One is Yours?

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You've probably heard about the different types of skin, such as normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. But, do you know which one is yours? And even if you do know what your current skin type is, did you know that it can change over time? Normal skin can become dry or oily as part of the normal aging process--unless you've really taken good care of your skin, then you may be able to keep your normal skin for a very long time.  But, in general, younger folks are more likely to have normal skin than the older ones. 

However, if you don't know what your skin type is, let me assist you in determining this. First, let's discuss the basics before moving on to the details. Determining your skin type depends on things like how hydrated your skin is, which affects its elasticity and comfort. Another one is how oily it is as this affects your skin's softness. And lastly, how sensitive it is.

❃  5 Skin Types  ❃

There are basically 5 types of skin which are the following.

❃ Normal skin


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Normal skin type is neither too dry nor too oily. It has the perfect balance of glowing skin that has no or very few imperfections. People with this skin type also rarely experience severe sensitivity and have virtually invisible pores. In general, they have a very radiant complexion. Lucky them! There's really nothing much to tell you about this, so let's just move on to the next skin type.

❃ Dry skin


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A dry skin is characterized as having a dull, rough complexion, almost invisible pores, less elastic skin, more visible lines, and red patches on the skin. Your skin may also peel and crack. Easily becoming itchy, inflamed, and irritated are also some of the characteristics of a dry skin. In some extreme cases, the skin can become so dry that it starts to appear scaly and rough, especially at the backs of your arms, legs, and hands. 

Some of the common causes of dry skin are:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging
  • Weather 
  • indoor heating
  • Ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds
  • Long, hot baths or showers
  • Harsh ingredients in cleansers, soaps, and cosmetics
  • Medications

Here are some helpful tips for dry skin:

  • Avoid long, hot showers or baths.
  • Limit bathing to only once a day.
  • Use soaps, cleansers, and other beauty products with mild and gentle ingredients.
  • Don't use deodorant soaps.
  • Avoid scrubbing while bathing or drying.
  • Use humidifiers and void letting the indoor temperatures from getting too hot.
  • Apply a rich moisturizer right after stepping out of the shower. Reapply as needed. By the way, creams and ointments are more effective than lotions for dry skin but are messier to apply. 
  • Wear gloves when using household detergents, cleaning agents, or solvents.

❃ Oily skin


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People with oily skin generally have enlarged pores that are quite visible and a thick complexion that is often dull or shiny, They are also prone to blackheads, acne, pimples, and other skin blemishes. The level of the oiliness may vary depending on the weather or even the time of the year. 

Some of the things that can worsen oily skin include:

  • Stress
  • Puberty
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Heat
  • Too much humidity

How to take care of oily skin:

  • Limit washing your skin to only twice a day, unless you sweat a lot.
  • Don't scrub when washing or drying your face.
  • Use a mild and gentle cleanser.
  • Avoid squeezing, picking, or popping pimples as this will only leave you with a wound that takes longer to heal. 
  • Use skin care products and cosmetics that are labeled as "noncomedogenic" as these won't clog your pores.

❃ Combination skin


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Some skin types are neither oily nor dry. Instead, they are both. Combination skin is a type of skin where some parts of the skin are dry or normal while the other areas are oily, namely the nose, forehead, and chin--otherwise known as the T-zone. Combination skin looks shiny with clearly visible pores. It is also more prone to blackheads.

❃ Sensitive skin


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You may have a sensitive skin if you often experience redness, itching, dryness, and burning on your skin. This could be caused by a number of factors including, but not limited to, certain skin care products. You should know what your triggers are so you can avoid them to better take care of your skin.  

Here is Kasper from Wishtrend TV to teach you how you can tell which skin type you have and how to take of it.

Video Credit: Wishtrend TV via Youtube

❃  The Basics of Skin Care  ❃


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Whether your skin type is normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, you can benefit from following these basic skin care tips. 

  • Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, especially between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun is at its strongest.
  • If you really need to go outside, make sure to wear protective clothing such as hats, scarfs, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Always use a sunscreen-rain or shine--and make sure that it is a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Make sure to eat and keep a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Never forget to moisturize.
  • Always remove your makeup before going to bed.
  • Wash your face thoroughly but gently every day--no scrubbing. 

If you want to read more about this in detail, you can visit my previous blog about skin care tips and tricks.

❃  Final Thoughts  ❃

Were you able to spot what type of skin you have? This is just a quick overview of the 5 types of skin. If you're still confused or want to know more, I will be dedicating my next blogs tackling these different skin types in more detail--so be sure to stay tuned!

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