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History of cosmetics are related to Egypt, Greek, and Roman cultures. Now a days they are very much in practice. Word cosmetic is basically derived from the Greek word'' Kosmetike'' .The meaning of kosmetike is the art of dress and ornament. As the fashion industry is now million dollar industry and makeup has become an essential part of our daily routines .




Though these makeup stuff is used daily but we never give a little or no thought to what these cosmetics are made up of. International brands are selling makeup worth million dollars each year , but the people who are using these cosmetics never take a look at  the label and find what chemicals it contain . Due to less information and lack of knowledge we people like the extensive use of many dangerous elements which may have bad effects. We live in a environment  where we are surrounded by chemicals .So it is very important to know that what our beauty products contain, which causes fairness , reduce signs of ageing ,enhancing the skin tone makes your skin glow.  Are these cosmetics really worth paying for ?




No ! Not at all . Ingredients which are written at the back are highly toxic, which are also called pollutants not only for skin but for environment .According to general research about 7000 different ingredients are used in producing makeup.

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