Dates and their benefits

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Archaeological excavations have led several sites revealed remains of palm trees palm trees dating back to the stone age. Dates and figs are among the first fruits cultivated by man.

Dates are an important part of a healthy diet. They are rich in fiber, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, magnesium. They contain carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and essential vitamins. It is believed that one date is a minimum requirement for balanced and healthy diet.
A kilogram of dates contains about 3000 calories. These calories are sufficient to meet the daily requirements of a healthy body. Fresh dates delivers energy 96 kcal / 100g, while providing 248 dry kcal / 100g. Dates can grind dried and used as flour. Fresh dates have far fewer calories than dry and vitamin C. Although contain small amounts of vitamin B instead provides sufficient amounts of folic acid. 25 g of dates / day are sufficient to meet the needs of iron in the body.
1. Fights chronic fatigue and anemia
Due to the rich in iron, dates recommended in anemia and diseases that can cause chronic fatigue, those in convalescence, children, athletes, the elderly.
2. Delays aging and muscle tone due to its increased magnesium
3. Combat constipation and intestinal disorders because of its high fiber
They can soak in water overnight and eaten in the form of syrup the next morning to ensure a laxative effect. Content that is currently nicotinic dates is beneficial for treating any type of intestinal disorder. Regular consumption of dates helps maintain control over the pace of growth of pathological organisms and maintain normal intestinal flora.
3. The real benefit during pregnancy and during lactation
Some studies showed uterine muscle strengthening consumption due dates. This is beneficial in the last months of pregnancy. It was noted that there is a connection between dates and reduce postpartum hemorrhage. They contain elements that contribute to alleviating depression and enriching the breast milk of mothers with children substances needed increased resistance to various diseases.
4. Beneficial for Heart and resistance vessels
Increases resistance vessels due to its rich in potassium. Research has recommended that increased potassium intake of about 400 mg may decrease the risk of stroke by 40%. Maintain a healthy heart through regular consumption of dates 2 times a week. It was found that daily consumption of dates daily for 4 weeks, lipids can improve quality without increasing blood sugar levels.
5. Effect aphrodisiac (stimulates libido and improve fertility in couples)
I am a very effective sexual stimulant. A handful of dates soaked in fresh goat milk all night and then ground with a mixture of nutmeg and honey is a useful tonic for sexual stamina.
6. Helps prevent cavities due to increased content of fluoride.
But attention to eating dried fruits because they are rich in sugars that can damage teeth causing tooth decay and gum disease.
Choice of dates must be done with great care because their adhesive surface attracts various impurities. Therefore dates should be washed to remove impurities present in them.



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