Dates of Pakistan

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Pakistan is basically an agriculture country the date tree can take too much time for growing.many people use the tree for the beauty of there garden in Pakistan but many of them have there occupation the date tree can be grown in the hot climate or in the weather                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In Pakistan Pakistan the date tree can be grown in the Balochistane and in the sindh there are two to three kinds of dates can be grown in the Pakistan these are not high quality dates because our environment condition is not in favoure                                                                                                             Dates have many proteins and God have given him many qualities the sick people can be feeling well after eating special dates the main use of it is that it use in production of blood in a man.a man who have defficiency in the blood can be full fill it by dates if our government can give its concentration to this then it may possible that we can export it to many countries and earn much more for our own benifits      

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