Debts are Debts

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There are times in our life that we lack some resources to sustain our daily needs.

And even if we have some resources, it is still not enough to help us live for a day or two or even for months.


The usual thing we do is to borrow some money to someone whom we know who can be able to lend us some.

Debts then enter our life. But when this thing happens, we must make it sure that when the time comes that we have enough money to pay, we should pay.

Little by little, eventually this debt will be gone.

I've been a debtor too, so I know the feeling, and those who borrow that money should be responsible enough to pay and not wait for the time that the one who lends them will eventually ask for it.


Some people don't pay you, as if the money they had borrowed is for free.

Common examples for this are relatives. It's because we're relatives, it's just okay not to pay.

Do you agree with that? Lol I definitely disagree. Debts are debts, money is hard to earn, so we must know when and when not to borrow. 


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