December 2012 Issue of the NYAC Judo Club Newsletter

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Competition News

Results of the 2012 Dallas Invitational
Men Senior Elite: 100kg
1st PORTER, Myles

Results of the 4th IJF Grand Masters World Judo Championships

Arthur Canario : 2nd - Category M7 -100 kg
Fights: 4; Total score: 2 x Ippon, 1 x Waza-ari, 1 x Yuko, 0 x Koka

Teimoc Johnston-Ono : 3rd - Category M6 -90 kg
Fights: 4; Total score: 2 x Ippon, 2 x Waza-ari, 1 x Yuko, 0 x Koka

Frank Immundi : 3rd - Category M8 -90 kg
Fights: 2; Total score: 0 x Ippon, 1 x Waza-ari, 0 x Yuko, 0 x Koka

Results of the IJF World Cup Apia, 2012, Western Samoa
2. Hannah Martin USA


The NYAC Judo Club at the 2012 All Sports Dinner



Upcoming Tournaments and Special Events

Tech Judo Invitational Judo Tournament
Date: Sunday, December 30, 2012
Location: HCST Recreation Center
2100 85th Street
North Bergen, NJ
(10 Minutes from the GW Bridge or Lincoln Tunnel)
(201) 328-4055(cell Clyde Worthen)

14th Annual Northeastern Judo Championship
Date: Sunday-December 2, 2012
Location: J.F. Kennedy High School
61-127 Preakness Avenue
Paterson, NJ
Tournament Director: Anthony Camal
(973)432-9638 or (973)812-6322


The NYAC Judo Club

Co-Chairmen – Kevin Earls, Owen Tunney
President – Andy Blumenthal
Head Sensei – Yoichiro Matsumura
Assistant Instructors: Teimoc Johnston-Ono; Aziz Bendriss
Treasurer - Rich Furlin
Editor - Lynn Goldberg

Practice Hours:
Monday – 6:30 to 8:30
Wednesday – 6:30 to 8:30

Please be on time.
Wear a clean practice uniform with no excessive wear or tear.
Bow to Sensei before stepping on the mat.
Respect the dojo and its rules.
The NYAC is a Private Club. If you are not a member, you are a guest.

Guests of the NYAC Judo Club:
For Gate Pass Rules, to be placed on the Gate Pass, or for NYAC rules, contact Owen Tunney. You can reach Owen at:


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