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Man is a social animal. He likes to live in close contact with his fellow-beings. This natural instinct has led to develop societies and countries. Each country must have some kind of government to manage the affairs of its citizens. Different kinds of governments have been in vogue in different periods of history. However, democracy, with its flaws and drawbacks is considered the best form of government in the modem  age.

          According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is THE GOVERNMET OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. In true democratic countries people are real masters and governments act according to their wish. Parliament reflects the will of the people. All power is derived from it. A democratic government can remain in power as long as it enjoys the confidence government can remain in power as long as it enjoys the confidence of the public.

          This form of government is hailed in most of the advanced and developed countries. Some of the developing countries have adopted Controlled Democracy, whereas in the backward countries of these countries of the Third World democracy exists only in distorted from. Most of these countries  are being ruled over by Army Generals who talk high of the democracy just to throw dust into the eyes of the advanced countries to get financial aid. In fact they are heading totalitarian governments. In these countries the definition and condition of democracy is somewhat like this : “ GOVERNMENT OFF THE PEOPLE, BUY THE PEOPLE, FAR THE PEOPLE”.

          In a democratic system of government, people take an active part in the affairs of the government. They elect the members of the parliament and keep an eye on their performance. The Prime Ministers do not risk their political career by indulging in malpractice. People enjoy freedom of thought and action.

          However, it has got its drawbacks as well. People misuse their right of vote. Corruption and nepotism spread in society. Ours is also said to be democratic country. Elections are held every now and then. Very often and elected government fails to complete its term of five years. Agencies establish the government of their own choice. Such kind of government acts as a puppet in the hands of the Army Agencies. Most of the decisions are taken under pressure of IMF, World Bank, Donor countries and other pressure groups. Most of the MNA’s and MPA’s are corrupt, inefficient and selfish. People are losing their interest in elections. The integrity of the election process is also not above board.

          In spite of the disadvantages, by and large, democracy is functioning effectively in many advanced countries. If the people are properly educated, they can impose a check on the misdeeds of the ruling class. The elections must be free and fair. People should be allowed to exercise their free will in the elections. Only then we can benefit from democracy.

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