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◊ Despicable Me 3 | How I watched this movie| Reviews ◊

A few days ago, I watched the newly released animated movie whose name is Despicable Me 3 which is the sequel of other two movies whose names are Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. I have watched its previous two movies and now I was already curious about its third part because the previous two parts were really amusing and entertaining for me. The wait was over very soon and the movie was released. I watched it on my personal laptop and really enjoyed the funny things which Gru and his mates did in the movie. It was an awesome experience to have it and now I want to share my reviews on the movie or you can say that I am going to write the whole story in my own words and then I will write my own expert views on it.


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Before explaining about the movie, I would like to define the term animated movies for those who are unfamiliar with these type of movies.

An animated cartoon is a film for the cinema, television or computer screen, which is made using sequential drawings, as opposed to animations in general, which include films made using clay, puppet and other means. Animated cartoons are still created for commercial, educational,and personal purposes.

                                                                                                                                                                            Source: wikipedia



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The title of this movie is Despicable Me. At first, when I heard this name I was in a row of thoughts that what would be the meaning of Despicable Me. I did not bother to use Google or Wikipedia to search its meaning and I watched the two movies without even knowing the meaning of the title. One day, my younger sister was reading a dictionary and she read the word “Despicable” somewhere in the dictionary. As she was reading a little bit louder so I heard this word and at that day I came to know that the meaning of Despicable is

Deserving to be despised or so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation

                                                                                                                                                                    Source: merriam-webster

Deserving hatred and contempt

I was really confused with this meaning because in my views or in my series of thoughts, I could not understand that why the filmmakers have named this movie as Despicable Me. But, as you know that the time teaches us all the things so same happened with me too. After watching the third movie I realized that the people who think bad for others and harm them for their tiny interests are despicable. The whole story just flashed in my mind and I just understood the filmmakers' point to select this name for this animated movie.

◊ Outline ◊

Let me give you a little bit outlines of the characters.

● Balthazar Bratt.

● Felonious Gru.

● Lucy Wilde.

● Dr. Nefario.

● Agnes.

● Edith.

● Margo.

● And Gru’s brother.

Now I will discuss the characteristics of all the characters one by one. Let us start with Balthazar Bratt.

◊ Balthazar Bratt ◊


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He is the new character in this movie and he is the main villain of this movie who is extraordinarily sharp and clever. He is a big criminal and has stolen many things which were very precious. He worked as a child villain in the Hollywood in the animated movies for kids. His show was very popular and he also learned many skills to beat the people and steal the things.

Suddenly, his show was blocked and gradually, people begin to forget him and one day came when no one knows him or remembers him in one way or another. He decided to be a villain in the real life and take revenge from the people that why they forget him and why they blocked his show. So he became a villain and developed such a nice technology which can clear many miles in front of him in seconds. He also made some sticky chewing gums which starts swelling up and never stops and goes on increasing. He is very sharp and clever guy and he has made his castle fully equipped with weapons that no one can enter easily in his castle.


◊ Felonious Gru ◊

Gru is the main character of this entertaining animated movie. He was the villain of the history according to the story of the movie. He has several records of theft and is very clever and sharp in his doings. He was the only child of his parents and was the ugly guy in his looks. No one liked him rather they afraid of him. He was bald and has a nose like a beak. As no one liked him so he became the biggest villain in the history.


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But in the first movie, he became a good guy because he falls in love with a girl whose name was Lucy and her introduction will be discussed later on in this article. As Gru falls in love with that girl so he became a good guy and now he was the hero in all the three movie series. He had minions who are very funny and fascinating. He also adopted three girls to use them to enter into Vector’s Castle who was his rival. All the three girls really loved him and Gru was very happy at the end that at least these little girls love him.

◊ Lucy Wilde ◊

She belongs to an agency known as AVL and was an agent to catch criminals. She was very professional and highly trained woman. Both Gru and Lucy were sent to a mission by the agency and they fall in love with each other as the mission proceeded.


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◊ Dr. Nefario ◊

Dr. Nefario was an excellent graduate scientist. He did not get any job so he started to work with Gru and became his partner in every criminal activity.

Dr. Nefario, Gru and his minions were a great team who has done many criminal activities together. Dr. Nefario was a very clever scientist who has made many extraordinary weapons and some kinds of serums also. He helped Gru a lot in all the movies.


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◊ Agnes ◊

She is a little girl who is very cute and very innocent. She loves unicorn and wants to make it her pet but unicorns do not exist so she always keeps a unicorn made of some fabric. She is the youngest sister and one of the loveliest characters in this movie. I personally love her.


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◊ Edith ◊

She is the younger sister after Agnes. She is a very brave girl. She loves to be a samurai. She is a very daring girl. Her character is also lovely.


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◊ Margo ◊

She is the elder sister. Gru has adopted all these three sisters. Margo is a little bit shy girl. She is a mature type of a teenager girl. She can understand her surroundings and intelligent enough to understand the feelings of every kind.


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◊ Dru ◊

In the third movie, Gru’s brother Dru was introduced. He was the very rich guy but he was not bald. He has good long hair. In looks, he was same like Gru. In fact, they were twin brothers and they met after such a long time that Gru even forgets that he has any brother. Both the brothers were very happy to meet each other and they did some naughty activities too in the whole movie.


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◊ Main Story ◊

As I have told you earlier that Bratt is the villain of this movie. He decided to steal the diamond which was very precious. He single-handedly steals that diamond but Gru and his team arrived on the time and posted some hurdles in his way and Gru was successful in saving that diamond which belongs to a company.

The diamond did not remain safe for a long because Gru and Lucy were suspended from the AVL agency and they lost their job and soon Bratt was successful in getting that diamond again.

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Here Lucy and Gru were a little bit worried about their future and Gru also do not want to be a bad guy again. Suddenly, he met his twin brother and he did not like him in the beginning. But as the time passed, they begin to love each other because of their criminal minds.

Both of them decided to get back the diamond by their own. So they made a plan and worked hard to get back that diamond. They did this secret mission without telling Lucy and they were about to die on this secret mission but Lucy saved them by reaching on time. Bratt changed himself into Lucy by the face mask and other things. He got back the diamond again with very cleverness and Gru even did not know that he was Bratt. Later on, he found Lucy locked in a cupboard. Lucy told him that Bratt has taken the diamond as well as the girls and they followed him.

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On the other side, Bratt has the girls and diamond. He needed that diamond for his great plan which was to destroy the Hollywood and send it to space. He used some sort of chewing gum which goes on swelling after being chewed. He threw those chewing gums with the help of giant size robot which he made according to his own looks. He made destructions on a large area and killed many people. He uprooted the whole area around the Hollywood and it was just about to be uprooted when Gru arrived and destroyed that robot while Lucy saved the girls. Gru and his brother were united together, and Gru got his job back. The ending was happy.

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