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Healthy Diet had many more things to include but I will give you some more ideas to

implement such as:---

Eggs from hens that have been fed special feed are also a good source of omega 3.

the form of omega-3 fatty acids (from cold-water fish like wild salmon or fish oils, as well as black walnuts and flaxseed) or omega 6s (raw nuts, as well as sesame and grape seed oils).

To ensure you are getting enough antioxidants like selenium and vitamins E and C, which fight the cellular damage that can contribute to joint pain, eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

Consuming low daily doses of olive oil may relieve chronic inflammation, which is thought to play a role in many diseases from cancer to heart disease.

Vitamin E can be found in green beans, Brussels sprouts, seeds, and nuts.

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