Diet with lemon...

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aYesterdays i was reading an article in newspaper name ( Jahan Bahar ) by author jawad ali 

In that article it was mentions that if you suck a lemon daily half or full piece of lemon then this will make you able to loss your weight . I was really concious about my weight problem so that's why I search about the lemon diet on the internet and the results which i get from it . I am going to share them with you people

When a person suck a piece of lemon then he will not feel hungry for a long time because this is its effect that lemon melt the extra fat from your body and that fat fulfil your hunger so thats the reason that with a lemon a person can long last a day with less food so i think this is a good way to do diet 

so thats my experiment and i hope that you people will really think about this and you will feel that its an important way to control your diet problem 

hope so you will share this article with other people more about diet and face rackles i will be share here with my best experiment and i conform you will get 100% result from that all .............

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