Disipline,its importance in life

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Discipline When a child grows on every step of life he is told about discipline .in school ,college and university life he is told to follow discipline in life and sometimes he is compelled to follow discipline .discipline is what ;it is the carrying out of something ,following something strictlyy or obeying an order and completting a task in every situation with no relaxation . Mainly the word discipline is devoted to military but the truth is not like that everyone needs discipline in life ,the form of discipline may vary from one another but it is also true that discipline is strictly followed in certain professions like military ,fire services and many other high risk jobs .discipline is taught in these professions because immediate action to orders is necessary ,we really find a high level of discipline in these professions. In a disipline profession everyone works as a team and involve himself in the given task cooperation ,coordination and trust in a discipline profession is must .Each man has to do what he is told without objection ,even in a risky task ,that is true discipline . Disipline indicates a strong character .a person living a disiplined life will have a strong character and his life style will be stable .disipline can take one to truli heights in life .it is the displine which make a child to successful man .It is discipline that keeps us all working towards our targeted goals instead of being distracted and being at the mercy of circumstances.

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