Disney World Value Resorts All Star Movie Resort

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Located right next to the All Star Music Resort is the All Star Movie Resort. This resort is decorated with lots of statues, images and pictures of many of the Disney movies.

The Value resort that is based on the idea for guests that are living on a budget still has many great amenities and rooms as well. Including a eatery and a beautiful pool.

The standard rooms have two double beds, a night stand, a bathroom, dresser, refrigerator, tv, phone, small room safe. The preferred rooms have the same furnishings and decor they are just located closer to the front where the lobby, eatery, laundry and bus stop's are located.


The All Star Movies Resort is located closest to the Animal Kingdom Park, but there are buses to take guests from the resort to all the parks, including the water park and ESPN Sports Arena.

To find more information about being a guest at the All Star Movie resort go to   disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/all-star-movies-resort/rates-rooms

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