!! ..Distance does not hinder love .. !!

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Was related to the very sites social like Facebook Twitter ... etc as he was well on the day I got a friend request again and she likes getting to know people were social and agreed to Malk demand but were not you know that this will turn from a social to a girl loves unity and adore form great friendship between them and with the days that friendship turned into love over a month and two months until it reached a year year and month of the year and two months and were Ih Loved each other in a strange way Akhvan on each other very Whitman each other very, very she loves him, but was unable to reveal to him and is well loved and afraid to tell her Vtterch rejects but there was the problem of the distance between them was great she was afraid that attached to her heart and fail to complete their story which originally in all this time that has not been matched with experienced days never met and did not rule that the distance between them is far away and was unable to come to it because he was studying a It is as well, but on the day I decided to tell him that she loves him and actually her phone at night and when Anthia and before you close the speaker told him I love you I love you I love you I love you ♥ ♥On the morning of that day, he told her that he loved and that he did not have a lot of courage to tell her and afraid to lose, but now they became three, and two were not married and they have become a pretty girl

+Care +LOVE +Real +Story

Note: A real story ....!!

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